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Fairly new to Zwift and have mostly been doing workouts for the past few months. In the past week or so I have rode a few rides to try them out and a few questions have come up in my mind.

First, some details … I am about 150 pounds, am riding a road bike on a Cycleops Fluid2 trainer (not smart sadly … out of my price range at the moment) with Garmin sensors and a Wahoo chest strap heart rate monitor. Using an iPad to Zwift and my iPhone as companion to give plenty of Ride Ons.

The rides I joined were C category and I had to work really hard to stay in the pack, most times getting dropped fast … maybe this is expected? I am just not sure how to translate say 175 watts of power on a ride to the w/kg rating? Does doing an FTP actually change or readjust my rating or speed in the game or is that for my own info?

I have done a lot of reading but I’m still confused. Sorry if this has (most likely) been asked and answered many times.

Either way, great workouts but I would also like to learn and obviously improve.

Joel :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Joel_Barrette

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So you weight is 150lb (68kg).

If you ride comfortable at 175watts then. 175 devided by 68 = 2.5w/kg. So a C or D ride will be good.

Races are based on your FTP. If your ftp is 200w then 200/68=2.94w/kg that’s a C.

No a FTP test only give you a number to use to pick a racing category.

If a C group ride is to fast then pick a D group. Group rides is supposed to be fun.

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This helps a lot, thank you!! :grin::+1:

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