zFTP in W/kg on ZwiftPower Profile

zFTP in watts is provided on the ZwiftPower profile for a rider. Would it be possible for the corresponding W/kg zFTP value to be provided there as well? To be “apples-to-apples”, the W/kg zFTP would need to reflect the average weight recorded in Zwift for the specific efforts that contribute to the zFTP (in watts) value. I see the zFTP stated in W/kg on the WTRL RacePass for each rider, but it would be ideal (for use in the Zwift DS TTT calculator, specifically) if the corresponding W/kg value could be more easily/readily obtained from ZwiftPower.


Something kind of funny I noticed as well is the Zwift app itself still uses the 95% method, so while I got a FTP bump last night, it was a different number than what the website shows.

Not a huge deal IMO, as the difference is rather minor and I understand the calculation differences, but kind of funny.

It is a bit awkward though to now see 3 different FTP numbers across the Zwift website, Zwift program, and ZP.