Bad W/Kg calculation

Ran this one today… * 1 min438 w4.72 w/kg

  • 11/8/2023, 2:44:33 PM

My Weight is 105kg - It should be 4.1

On ZwiftPower your weight has been 90kg and 105kg within the last 90 days. That means your PRs might be set at either value and the weights are averaged across the various PRs. The values you refer to show a weight of 92.8kg so that’s not unexpected.

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I honestly figured it was an average of weights some how but that doesn’t make sense to me as it should be calculated at weight ridden and then averaged across rides! Que Sera, Sera. :yum:


But the w/kg figure for each time interval is calculated using the exact weight used at the time of the ride. The average weight is only supposed to be used for the zFTP w/kg category calculation.

His 437w for 1 min was set yesterday at 105kg. Everything went through to ZP and is shown there on results and power graph. The w/kg should have been 4.16 w/kg (shown on power graph) and 4.2 w/kg (rounded up and shown on profile result)


Hmm yeah I thought that’s how it worked as well, but the large changes in weight seem like they must be related somehow. Since the calculations are opaque, I’d write to for support.

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Time to do a ride at 200kg……:joy:

I can do a 15 second blast to get a best score, haven’t don’t any sprints for sometime now.