Watts/kg tracking per ride?

I’m new, so be nice. Since races are categorized by one’s W/kg ability, would it make sense to track this stat/ride much like HR, power etc. is summarized for each ride? I know I can see what I am currently doing while riding, but would like to see how I did over an entire ride like it shows HR, power, cadence etc. thoughts?

Hi @Dan_Hursh, you are given the average power in the activity details on either Zwift Companion app or my.zwift.com and from that you can easily calculate your average w/kg.

For instance, on your ride yesterday you averaged 173 watts, divide that by your weight in kg and there you have it.


Hi Dan,
If you mean a graph of w/kg in the timeline graph (with cadence, HR and power) then it would be a curve parallel to the power graph since you are just taking the power and dividing by a constant.


Have you signed on to ZwiftPower.com?


assuming you aren’t changing your weight during a ride it will just be the same as the power graph but divided by your weight.

what (or maybe watt?!) might be quite good would be if they colour coded the power line on the graph so 1w/kg to 2w/kg is one colour, 2 to 3 is a different colour etc

you could then get an idea of how long you were in each without having to draw horizontal lines or do the calculations


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Thanks Everyone for the quick response! I see what u mean by the average. I guess it may be overkill to have a graph that follows the wattage measurement throughout a ride. Although, I do like the idea of color coding the wattage graph. I suppose I can take out my warmup time and wattage to calculate what my actual I can ride at a certain level.

Just do an FTP test and you will get what you are looking for I think.

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Your critical power graph will tell you your best recent power for certain time intervals. Time is along the horizontal axis and power is along the vertical. You see this either in one of the summaries at t he end of the ride or zwiftpower (the website). It shows 30 day best as well as for the current ride.

Also on my.zwift.com you can see the distribution of time spent in different power zones (after toggling it on).

Also the graph (press G on the keyboard during a ride) is useful for tracking the effort in the last say 10 minutes of a ride (the colors correlate to power zones).

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Yep, I was thinking that. I got my wahoo kickr on Mar 20 and it and Zwift have been a life saver during this time! Lots of fun and motivation. I appreciate your help.