Displaying watts/kg

It would be nice to display Watts/kg on the header display, as this metric can be as important as power, speed and cadence during a ride. Just a thought/suggestion…

What we really need is this: HUD Customisation


For Zwift, I would argue that W/KG is more important than raw watts.


Agreed. It’s be great to have this in the top-left corner as a data display along with Power, HR, and Cadence.

I’d like it switchable as it is on the Zwift companion. I could have watts/kg for group rides so I can stay with the pace but back to watts for riding on my own. Such an obvious feature can’t believe you can’t do it. Unless of course I’m missing it somewhere?

You can display them both on the companion app, but not on the main screen.

You don’t need w/kg for group rides, if you stay with the leader you should be within the range.

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No rocket science. Join a group ride, respect the leader and his work.

However, there are too many douches globally who think they are bigger than who they are.

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I have done many group rides where I have gotten dropped while pushing at the advertised w/kg level! It is helpful to know if you’re behind in a smaller group whether bridging to the main group is even possible or likely. I did not know that it was on the companion view, and will have to look for it there.