watts per kg in the main screen

please place the riders watts per kg output in one of the two existing blue boxes on the main screen in the same size font as all the other values, its really sad its not there now since the very basis of a lot of activity in the game revolves around this value, its got to be easy to do, why hasnt this been taken care of?

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do this please it has to be an easy thing to fix

W/KG is not very relevant on flat courses and I think it’s a mistake that it is so heavily relied upon in group rides.  A 300lb person and a 120lb person could never ride together if they were both at 3w/kg on a flat road.    

Make the screen metrics user definable. What important to one is not to the other. Maybe save layout as a profike eg,screen setup for race, casual etc. Evetyone gets the layout and the info whichbis important to them.

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Jon, I agree the w/kg is lacking in certain instances.  If so, then will you please add pure watts to the rider list display along with the w/kg?

Right now w/kg is all Zwift give us for a quick reference to the power of the riders around us (other than having to click on each rider to see their exact info).  It’s not too surprising that the community has gravitated to that value since it is the only easy one to access.

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Yes please add this to the main information. It’s shown in the riders nearby list, but it’s too small to see when using IOS devices. Most race categories are based on this number.

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Can pure power output be weighted in the flats for more realism?

I have already asked for a toggle button to switch between pure watts display or W/kg on the riders’ stats.  And it feels to me like pure power/watts is already weighted more on the flat and downhill sections. 

Jon, if w/kg is not to be placed in the blue box, it would be handy if it could be seen more easily where it is currently placed, i.e. by making the font larger and/or by using a different colour.

When riding in group, the pace is mostly defined with watts/kg.
As my screen is not directly in front of me, it’s difficult to be sure what I am riding in a course/group.


It should also be added to Mobile Link, for the same reason!

Is there any update on when the user can define this as a preferred metric on the dashboard?

Jon, I think the idea is that for a number of rides or workouts, the rider chooses the group that has the watts/kg range that they’re capable of.  Nobody’s saying 300lb and 120lb people should be competing in this manner.

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