Toggle between Watts and W/Kg Display

Please add the ability to toggle the display between Watts and W/kg for self and riders nearby.

Watts per Kg is useful for uphill, but not so useful for flat and downhill sections. Larger riders obviously can put out more pure Watts but still have a similar W/Kg as a smaller rider.

This option would be extremely useful.  As a lighter rider, with this option, I can tell at a glance why I may be able to keep up on the incline, but get dropped on the flats and decline.  Just like in the real world. 

Nobody else thinks this is useful?

Yes - very useful.  The w/kg is a great tool for leading group rides, amongst other benefits.


Good idea.

Yes please, having it under say the Watts numbers or even as stated being toggled would help individual riding a great deal. Its difficult reading to the right on the active list, especially on an ipad

Bumping an old topic. New user and I had the same observation. Especially for group rides where the leader is requesting a specific target. Very hard to see in the constantly jumping small text on the right side rider list.


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