Possible bigger W/kg or toggle

Any chance of making w/kg bigger as it’s currently fairly small and use it alot in group rides that are pacing using w/kg

Or being able to toggle current speed with current w/kg instead would be great

This question has been asked so many times but I just don’t understand why you need the w/kg in a group ride if you are not the ride leader?

The point of a group ride is to stay with the leader, if you are in front then slow down if you are behind then speed up, it is the task of the leader to hold the correct pace.

Not everyone will move at the same speed and the same w/kg. It is a functions of weight and since we don’t weigh the same we will move at different speeds, therefor we have a ride leader.

I also think zwift should remove w/kg in races.


I think it would be neat to have the option to turn off all the information when riding in a group ride or a race or a workout while in ERG. It would be more engaging trying to stick to the ride leader, or looking up the road and determining what kind of effort is needed to catch the guy ahead of you rather than looking at the screen and seeing they are 2 seconds ahead of you and exactly what power they are putting out.

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Our Zwift display should be as configurable as our cycling computers’ displays. Choose how many and which metrics you want displayed. Garmin, Wahoo and others pull that off on tiny, low power computers. Our PCs and Macs and smart phones and tablets are much more capable than cycling computers. Our Zwift metric display should be at least as powerful as a Garmin’s.

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That was the first thing i thought about when seeing the HUD. Of course it is possible but for some reason nothing since years has been changed… very low.

I agree I use my Garmin to keep track of my W/kg as it’s so small on screen.

I’d much rather have w/kg in big numbers rather than watts on screen. Important for pacing. Watts per kg on companion would be good too

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