Display w/kg predominantly!

It is so frustrating that w/kg is displayed as a tiny number by your name and not all in the dashboard. Every ride and race is listed by w/kg and in game ride leaders are constantly calling w/kg to control the group and yet we have to squint to see a tiny number that’s not even in our dashboard. Please add w/kg to the dashboard the same way watts, speed, HR, etc is displayed!

Also, make sure you vote up this Feature Request: https://forums.zwift.com/t/hud-customisation/


While at some level I see what you’re saying, I’m going to bring up something a pro told me years ago about the numbers on his cycle computer: It doesn’t matter how fast you’re going if you’re getting dropped.

That said, the wkg is, to me, an interesting piece of data, but if I’m off the back (or the front) what does it matter if the goal is to stay with the group. There are certainly a number of group rides where there is a wkg specified, but that is also based on the leaders weight, so people might be all over the place with wkg (especially on a flatter route) if their weight is much different than the ride leader.

But, as Paul said, you should definitely vote up the HUD customization thread. Perhaps Zwift will incorporate this one day.


Just up-voted and added to the HUD customization post.

Also, Nigel, I hear you and agree. Problem is that at the start of a group ride the leaders will call out w/kg to keep the ride from splitting immediately and if you’re not looking at w/kg you’re either going to take a flyer and irritate people or you’re going to get spit out the back. The ride leaders also call out w/kg on flats and climbs and it’s helpful to see if you’re in the ballpark with everyone else. I also like a clean HUD and so I use the Companion app for messages and it drives me nuts having to swipe around on the my phone to see a tiny little w/kg number.


If you are behind the leader then you can just follow his pace no need to know w/kg.

Also w/kg is easy to calculate.

If you weigh 72kg and the ride is 1.5 to 2 w/kg then you know you will be between 108w and 144w.

I don’t know why ride leaders call out w/kg since different weight will be at different speed.

W/kg is only useful to judge if you can do a ride or not.


@Bob_Croslin if you run Zwift on PC or Mac you can go to www.zwifthacks.com and download and install Zwiftmap. The Stats widget can be placed anywhere on your screen and can show a variety of info including w/kg.

You don’t have to use the map widget if you don’t want to.

@Bob_Croslin something I just learned yesterday, which may or may not help, depending on your set up: if you are using the companion app, if you tap on your wattage in the display it will change to wkg. If you happen to be running ZC on an iPad, this might give you a bigger target to see.


That’s the answer I’m looking for! I’ll try it this weekend, thank you!