How about putting  the W/KG info in the same box as the speed and watts info as this seems to be the one true metric that you can use to compare yourself to others in the same group ride, it’s far to small in the rider nearby box

Agreed on giving it visibility in the main box. Although it’s far from the true metric to compare yourself to others. On flat surfaces the only thing that matters is absolute wattage.

Only on climbs w/kg really matters in terms of possible performance. But even then, in a direct heads on it comes down to speed. Obviously w/kg factors in there, but is harder to compare to an opponent on the fly.

I also agree but coming from a different angle.

I might be a muppet but I am not exactly Mr. Magoo but I just cannot read the wattage at all, most of the time. Is is a 3, is is a 5? What ever it is, it is too late by the time I figured it out.

So, if this is useful be so good and make it bigger and put it in the big box!

Wanted to ad my voice to this thread as well. The only place I see the W/kg number on the ui is on the mobile app, “riders nearby” screen and that number is too small for my old man eyes. I also think having the W/Kg number in the main ui would be helpful since so much has been made about the number in classification for races and other group rides. I think having both the watts you’re cranking and the W/kg nearby would help with general context of how you’re riding that day, or particular stretch.

Hi, I too think making the Zwift based W/Kg figure available would be a really useful addition.  Especially as it is the metric Zwift use to advise the pace of rides.  It is a key piece of information when deciding whether to join a ride or not.  Any chance??



Having the W/kg displayed as a bigger size will really help especially if you have a small screen ( that isn’t close to you) or your eye sight is not great with small font size( both of these for me)  have it displayed ware your power,RPM,HR box will, really make a difference.

What is the point to see your own w/kg.

You know what your weight is so you can easily determine your w/kg. If you do a ride that state 2.2w/kg average and you weigh 73kg then you know you need to produce 160W.

But most group rides have leaders and all you have to do is follow the leader, and workouts work on pure watts (power zones)

So it is only helpful in races  and you don’t want to exceed the w/kg limit and if that is the case then you should race in a higher category. 

W/KG is the key metric everybody should be looking at. Watts itself is the worst thing to compare yourself with others. A heavier Rider is likely to push more watts than a lighter one. What counts is w/kg.

However, riding alone its great to see how much power your able to produce. This is actually the metric that Tacx Smart trainers for example send to Zwift. So seeing that metric on the screen makes absolute sense to me.

Why do you need w/kg to compare if someone is going faster than you it mean they are stronger. Also if you want to compare you need to everyone’s numbers bigger.

And on a flat road w/kg has no effect.


If you ride alone you only need to see your power, w/kg is just a function of it.


People are overly obsessed with w/kg. 


I would be very surprised if Tacx send w/kg to Zwift as it does not know your weight and even if it does send w/kg it will send pure watt as well and Zwift will use the power number to calculate your speed.



I have a Tacx trainer and it ONLY broadcast watts, there is no way for it to know my W/KG.

I agree with Gerrie on W/KG being more or less a useless metric. The only time I use it is when I am passing someone I can watch their W/KG and see if they are going to jump on my wheel, which I HATE.