W/Kg on main Display

Would it be possilble to have the W/kg on main display in the area where we have Watt, HR and cadence. I know it is just a ratio with wattsand our weight and that the ultimate metric we need are the watts, but they change quickly and by big margins, even with 3 sec. refresh. The w/kg being a ratio would make it a more stable target to shoot for when aiming a certain zone of exercise. The w/kg is curently hidden on the right column using the smallest font of the whole display in translucid mode!! I need to wear my glasses while riding inside to see it!!!

Hi @S_Courville

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You can see that data on the companion app, just tap the wattage on app and it will show w/kg.


It’d be great if the main game did this too. Just click/tap the panel and it toggles to W/kg. Fantastic idea Gerrie! :smiley:


Thanks guy, tested and it is what I was looking for. Still would be usefull on the main display. Usually I am the one who gives tips, I guess what comes around goes around!!!