Add w/kg output display near wattage reading in the top left

Sometimes I’ll just go by w/kg when riding and it’d be helpful to have that reading in the top left. Perhaps have a toggle that allows the user to switch between w/kg and watts or, even better, display both but have one smaller and one more prominent and allow the user to flip back and forth.

Our current w/kg is displayed on the right side of the screen by the rider name. May be a bit hard to read w/ some smaller screens.

Sorry, I should have been more clear. I know the w/kg is displayed on the right but it splits your attention from right to left when logically that info should be grouped with the other info (watts, hr, speed, etc.). Just a thought.

I like it where it is. It gives me an opportunity to compare the other riders around me. I rode this morning with another rider that was pretty dead on with all my power output and speed. I see Joel’s point about grouping but most of us know where we need to be with total power. That being said, I would like to see total average power for the entire ride displayed somewhere.

How about a settings menu where user could just enable / disable if he wants to see w/kg in top left.
There could be more customizable options what he wants to see and what not.

Another vote for watts/kg display more prominent at top and/or user configurable display options to select this or not. Ie, personally when riding I would find watts/kg a more helpful metric, than say, elevation, which is sort of a pretend number anyway. Nice to know virtual elevation at the end of a ride, but has less bearing on actual rider output and pacing. Currently the small watts/kg in the sidebar is tough to read, and unfortunately my eyes aren’t getting any better :expressionless:

Other nice to have display options would be Avg speed, and avg power.

I want to see the other rider watts. W/pkg casue me to have to go to their profile to see their actual watts. I’d like to see it near their name. 

It’s one of the most referenced numbers in the game and it is also probably the smallest number on the user interface. Completely ridiculous. It needs to be displayed up top near speed and watts.