w/kg displayed in real time on screen

it would be very helpful rather than to look at the small indicator on the rider list to have your watts/kg displayed either in the upper left display space or the ride bar at top.

+1 on this as well. As it’s a key metric for most rides it could do with being more prominant.

yes +1 it’s either an age thing or my laptop is to far way ( can’t get it any closer) It’s not easy to see the small w/kg in the rider list. it will be good to see it as Ron says in the power window or speed etc window at top of screen

Yes Please!
I am to old, and my eyes are to tired (legs are ok) to see what my W/Kg is while I’m riding. 
I have no intrest in knowing when my next achievment is or how far I have riden in total.
If the Top Bar could be customizable it would be great.