Increase size watts/kg on screen

(Scott Ivell [VBCC]) #1

the w/kg is really small under my name in the rider list

can we have this in the main box alongside power, cadence & BPM? 

This is a key threshold measure for many riders, esp. in group rides

(... red5) #2

I’d like to it bigger for all riders so it is easier to see what people are pushing. Love the colour change at 8


(malcolm may (WCC) C) #3

I think I’d like to see the watts they are pushing. Watts per kg is great, but if you are 100+ kg in weight it doesn’t necessarily work. I see guys fly past me at 4 + wpk and I drop my head, and when I look at their data they are only pushing 175 watts. I feel a lot better. Then I marvel at how fat I am compared to them.

(Adrian Jones Velocity216) #4

on my settings when riding it states push to 760 Watts, but my reading only goes up as far as 400, is there any way to change it so when I push hard it shows what I’m doing?

(Paul Allen) #5


I am guessing you are using zPower/Virtual power, to fix your issue you will need a smart trainer or a power meter.

(malcolm may (WCC) C) #6

Its like that old jokes about hand size. Anything above 400 for you is wasted. Sit back and enjoy it.


I ended up buying a kickr, which I swore not to. I love zwift too much. And I love my kickr.

(Martin Firestone III (A)) #7

I also hope that the watts/Kg number on screen gets repositioned and enlarged, as it seems to be the only number useful during racing/group riding.  Perhaps, being able to customizing on screen view preference would fix it. Thanks.