Increase size of W/kg display on rider board on right side

(Matt Siniscal) #1

I know space is tight but being able to see W/kg of each rider is really important during races and following the leader during intervals.
Maybe 2 or 3 font sizes bigger.
I like the orange change during 7.5 w/kg+ however a lot of surges under that go UNnoticed.

(Vincent W.) #2

Thanks for the feedback! We’ve gotten this request before and we’re always keeping our eyes fresh when it comes to potential UI changes. Let us know if you have any other suggestions. :) 

(🚁💨 choppa.slw) #3

Customize UI, hide/show/resize/move any and all metrics, solves all these individual requests in one swoop, only leaving what metric could be available.  Nobody gets a bike computer and uses the stock display, everyone’s is different, and so should be the Zwift UI.

(Gerrie Delport) #4

I would rather vote for customization of the UI, I have my 27" screen mounted less than 2ft from my handle bar so I would like the font to be smaller so I get more of the game on the screen. 



(Vincent W.) #5

Flexible customization is always awesome, definitely. 

(Colleen Kirk) #6

Yes. We need to be able to customize UI ourselves. The delay on this seems an awfully long time.

(Porthos Woofs ODZ (D)) #7

I agree. It is long overdue!

(Simon Whitford INC) #8

could we move the ride leader text message position from middle of screen to lower third of screen? its sizing is so much larger and takes over my screen, very distracting during high intensity events, perhaps a size smaller too.