A couple suggestions

Firstly, terrific job all round on such an awesome training tool/game/potential mid-life crisis distraction.

I’ve only just joined up but am really looking forward to putting in much time and effort.

A couple things though:

I’m using zwift on an Apple 4K TV, with an older Toshiba LCD @ 1080p. Ive Googled and troubleshooted my heart out, but cannot get the app to fit on my screen properly - based on screenshots i find online, it’s cropping out things like the gradient, zwifters nation flags etc. This has been an issue to other users in the past i think, but i wonder if it can easily be solved by having a setting that controls the screen size? Ie: shrinking down to 97%. Got no idea what this would take to implement, and it’s probably something Apple should look into instead (sending feedback to them next). Ive had an android box for about 18 months and the feature is on that. Alternatively, an option to bring the HUD in towards the centre of screen a bit would solve this issue also.

Secondly, i was thinking it would be nice to be able to use the zwift mobile link app to access certain in-game menu features like “customise” so you can play around with the game off the bike and concentrate more on the actual ride when you’re turning your legs over.

Im only lv2, but from a gaming perspective i really like that i cant access the jungle until lv10 - gives us something to work towards. I hope there’ll be more of this in the future as zwift expands to keep us all motivated.



You can customize off bike.

Just log into the game and skip the pairing screen and you have access to the game menu and the customization screen.

When you end the session (non ride) just discard the session since you did not ride.