AppleTV screen scaling is too big [June 2022] [1.26.2]

@shooj Hi! With the latest update for iOS (I use an Apple TV to run Zwift) I seem to have lots of graphics missing on the start page, like I can’t select worlds or routes, and my pause screen is half cut off, so I can’t stop or save a ride. On the main ride page I can’t see names of other riders and some other things are missing. I tried restarting all phone, watch and TV, all are updated with the latest software, my smart trainer is also current. I tried reinstalling Zwift on everything and it is still doing this. Here is a picture of my pause screen, I cant scroll down past the settings icon on the right. Is anyone else having this issue with iOS on AppleTV? Thanks!

@martina_litasi Can you try to change the scaling? It’s in the settings menu. Change it to middle or small and see what’s happening?

Go into your Zwift settings after you’re in game and change the “Home Screen Scaling”. Mine defaulted to “medium” which works for me. However, it probably won’t work for everyone. In your case, it appears you should probably adjust smaller.

Thanks Lin and @Mike_Medwed for the suggestions. I forgot to mention that I had tried that, it doesn’t work, and also does not resolve all of the missing graphics like riders names, world choices, progress bar, missing icons, etc. This just happened after the 6/28 update, otherwise it was working fine before. I don’t have VPNs or firewalls, just typical internet security so it’s super weird! I tried turning things off and on, rebooting everything, adjusting all settings, uninstalling and reinstalling, so without cancelling my account, I feel like I have done what I could on my end. My Apple TV is less than two years old and works fine for everything else. @shooj Here are a couple more screen shots of home page and riding page. These are scaled correctly but missing graphics, while the pause page is cut off and missing graphics (see earlier photo). Thanks!

Hi there @martina_litasi welcome to Zwift forums.

That’s a really strange thing happening on your AppleTV. As others have mentioned, the first thing that strikes me is the odd scaling preventing the bottom of the Paused screen from showing.

Question: with the scaling as-shown, are you able to exit the game? From the Pause screen, do you see the End Ride button by scrolling with the ATV remote?

I’m asking because I see on your server logs that you’ve logged in to Zwift several times since Tuesday’s game release, but you have not logged out using the save & exit (or trash & exit) you’d normally do. I suspect that might be due to those buttons being off-screen, is that the case?

Also - I see that you have changed the scaling adjustment in game. If changing scaling settings in the game had no effect to what’s displayed, it might be worth looking at the display output settings on your AppleTV box.

Next, look at the input settings on your monitor that control re-scaling of different aspect ratios. On the monitor, look for the settings for “letterboxing” vs “pan and scan.”

I suspect that you didn’t make any changes to re-scaling on the ATV or your monitor, but would you look at those settings just to be sure how the image signal is making its way to your screen?

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@shooj thanks so much for assisting me with this. It is super weird and the first issue I have had with Zwift and my set up in 2 years! You are correct that with the current scaling I can’t scroll down to see the back or end ride buttons and I have to hard close the app to stop it from running. The display doesn’t let me scroll past the settings icon. Also it is weird that all of the other screens have the correct scaling, but are missing so many graphics that I can’t see where the “cursor” is until it some how gets to something that works. Anyway, I am away from my set up until Sunday and I will try your suggestions as soon as I can and report back. I had not changed any settings on either the Apple TV or my actual TV that I use to view Zwift since my last ride that saved before the latest updates, however I did have family visiting and maybe one of them did something… Thanks again.

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@shooj Hi again. I was able to confirm all of my settings. The TV is scaling correctly and the Apple TV also is based on the screen shot. Zwift is still missing a lot of graphics and doing the weird pause screen thing. Any other suggestions? I’m super bummed and am jonesing for a ride lol!

Hi @martina_litasi Thanks for looping back.

I’d like you to try something. There’s two ways to get to the Settings menu in the game.

  1. From the home screen UI before you drop in to an activity.
  2. Once you’re in an activity - pausing it and going into Menu > Paused screen > Settings.

Your first photo above shows the second way. Would you please exit the game, reboot the ATV, login, then try option #1? Does that allow you to get to the scaling setting and make the necessary change?

Thanks Shuji. So, I rebooted the ATV, went to the page before I join a world-ride/option 1 and am not seeing an option to go to settings, maybe since some of the graphics are missing? I can get to settings from the Pause screen/option 2 (the icon is still visible/accessible, but nothing is visible/accessible below it). My default is medium and I changed it to extra small and extra large and it only seems to affect the settings page but not the other pages. No matter what scaling setting I am on, the Paused screen does not change. I am also still missing a bunch of graphics on the other screens (riders names, world/route choices, the map in the upper right corner, the effort lines at the bottom if I choose to have them on, the progress bar on the pause page, drop shop icons, my badges are all over the place, etc.). Photos of all screens attached from this effort. I also can’t quit the game from the companion app. As I mentioned before, all of my software is current and I use an iPhone 12 and ATV HD 32GB 1080p model A1625 that I bought in Nov 2020. I guess I am the only person having these issues? I keep trying to reinstall the app or restart the ATV hoping it will fix itself but I am at a loss. Thanks again, should I be calling a tech support line or is this still a good way to communicate? Martina


Martina Litasi again. I’m not sure if all of the photos sent with the other email, so here might be the ones that are missing. Sorry, I thought the files were smaller, and if you get them twice, then please disregard this second email!


@shooj Following up on this. I downloaded the newest update 1.27 hoping to fix the graphics issues, but nothing changed. I still have tons of missing graphics and still have to hard exit and can’t save a ride due to the pause screen issue. Any other thoughts? Is anyone else having these issues with the ATV? I just bought a newer version of the ATV for another TV in my house and I will try to install that one to see if it is an issue with my current ATV (or maybe my older Vizio TV), but I am not feeling hopeful that this will be fixed for me. But i will report back if it does fix it. Thanks.

Apple TV here w/no issues. I was going to suggest trying a diff monitor and/or tv, but you’re already on top of it!

Also, the screenshot you provided above (“Not seeing the whole picture”) is from the “Zoom and Overscan” in the AppleTV video and audio settings. While that looks correct, you should go up to the “Video” section above it and try changing the format and/or other settings there to see if it fixes your problem. If I had to bet, I’d say the problem is there :man_shrugging:

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@Lin_Alan Oh my gosh thanks so much for the advice and assistance! I just reset my ATV video settings and while the picture gets cut off on the edges, all of a sudden all of the graphics are back and it works again!!! That is so weird that when it was scaled to fit it didn’t seem to be compatible with Zwift. Anyway, problem solved! I am going to guess that my guests messed with the settings to fit something else in the screen and left it. I was just about to give up and it was a simple fix I was missing, lesson learned!!! @shooj never mind, obviously not on your end, but I appreciate the help. Zwift community is the best (when not complaining about everything lol)! Back to riding!!!