Main menu faulty on Apple tv after latest upgrade

After the latest upgrade on 12 January, I have the following issues on my Apple TV:

  1. It does not show the worlds to choose from
  2. The main menu cuts off at the bottom of the screen, so I cannot get to the menu options to end my ride.
  3. Riders names do not appear on the right.

I have uninstalled the app on the Apple TV box and re-installed it with the same issues.
If I calibrate the image on the Apple TV it shows that the image is centered and nothing is cut off or too small, so it is not the TV resolution that is not optimal. Everything else on the TV shows perfectly. I used the app the day before the upgrade without any issues.

Not sure what to tell you, I checked my AppleTV Zwift setup and all is well post upgrade. Well, it did require me to login again. But, Iā€™m not seeing any of the issues you describe.

Is your Apple TV updated to the latest Apple TV OS (tvOS15.2) which came out last month? If not, you should probably update. Then try Zwift again.

Otherwise, I would try different resolutions in the Apple TV settings to see if you can get it working again. I would also open a support ticket w/Zwift.

No issues with the app on my ATV, either.

Good day

I solved the problem by changing the resolution on the ATV


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