Apple TV resolution

Just got an Apple TV 4K. Using Zwift the resolution is off a little. Grade at top right is not fully showing. TV is not 4K but it is 1080P. Anything that I can do to shrink display a little?

That sounds more like a Apple TV issue … check the video resolution settings.

I do have the same. Several Apple TVs and different TVs all together.

Got an apple tv 4 and an old beamer. Worked always fine. Since update tv os13 big problems. First zwift only little in the left corner of the screen.

Now zwift is too big on the screen. Some parts above and beneath just not visible (felt off)

Does anyone have a solution?

I have the same issue, with the cut off screen. Anyone have a fix? I have an ATV4K and an LG tv 2014 model that’s 1920 x 1080, thanks