Apple tv - can't change menus after update

Updated to the new version of zwift on Apple tv and now the selection menus are not working! Game loads ok and I can navigate the main menus and select a world but I can’t select anything from the drop down menus. so can’t change courses, training sessions or bikes etc… Navigation just skips to top or bottom of page! Anybody else having the same problem or find a solution?

I have not experienced this issue. Everything working correctly for me on ATV and the latest version of Zwift.

Same issue here won’t let me select a route

not similar but with apple tv latest update connecting power and trainer through companion app.
rand user then went to pair power from trainer, then go back to pair pedals…
on fiirst singlwpe click of power zwift accepted pair, accepted default route, and wrnt straight into game (with “wrong “ route and power source.)
after a reboot the login selection was as “normal”

After a lot of messing about it seems you swipe the up and down arrows on the menus. if you click up or down is jumps to the top or bottom of the page. check your remote settings to make sure it is set to click and swipe and not click only.