Zwift Resolution Changes on opening app in Apple TV

Hi there.

Hoping someone can help me. When I first used Zwift on my Apple TV a few days ago I changed the resolution on the apple tv so I could fit the whole screen and all seemed fine (though I had no sound or messages).

I went back in yesterday and when I opened the app the resolution jumped and I was missing the top of the page. Couldn’t change any resolutions on tv to try to fix it even though it was at the setting I had put it to.

I restored factory settings and downloaded the app again and all seemed to be fine. Until now where it’s jumping again.

Has anyone else had this issue? I can’t seem to figure out what happened. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling app but same issue occurs. Don’t want to have to keep restoring factory settings on Apple TV box to fix it.

I would suggest you search the Forum for ‘overscan’ and see if any of the recommended solution correct your issue.