apple tv help

so i just got got the new apple and love it!! runs zwift so much better then my older mac! but i have two quuestions


  1. I’m having an issues were i can see the grid change in the upper right half of my tv screen i looked and couldn’t find away to adj the screen to fit the tv?


  1. i took a pic of my ride today and can’t find it? rode yesterday and somehow one uploaded from my ride but i never took a pic?


With regards to #1, it may be screen size/resolution which can be adjusted to compensate for over or underscan. There are settings to adjust resolution/output on your TV and also in settings on the AppleTV. I understand that with some older LCD TVs the overscan issue can not be resolved.

With regards to #2, if using the Zwift Mobile Link app on my phone (which controls the game is nicely works with the AppleTV) the images are saved directly to your phone’s photos.