Zwift Screen image very large

Hi, zwift app on AppleTV is projecting an image on my TV that is larger than the TV screen. I have checked the TV and it is set on ordinary 16:9 and not zoomed. other Apple TV functions are at correct magnification. How can i get the Zwift app to fit the screen?

It would be better to follow up in your existing thread on this, rather than starting a new thread. That way, people can see what’s already been suggested.

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i agree , but I logged out and when logged in again the
existing thread I couldn’t find

Steve_Hammatt…do you have a solution to my predicament?

I already replied in your existing thread, although it wasn’t with a solution.

Thanks Steve
any other thoughts?

It‘s a TV problem. Look for „overscan“ in the settings of your TV.

Thanks Jurgen

I have looked further into this an don samsung tv they refer to “overscan” as “screen fit”
as you can see on images the appleTV on standard 16:9 setting the picture is perfect and on second image the option is greyed out. If I scroll through the options the apple TV circle goes out of shape and out of screen. So based on this it would appear to not be the tv or apple
TV settings as all other apps are perfect.
so now I have run out of options I can check.
I would be really appreciative if there was a solution out there for me.

A few people have mentioned this on here before and having seemingly exhausted all options have just bought a new TV.


I have this picture of someone walking into an electronics store with a trainer, bike and Apple TV and asking to “just try something” on various TV models. :grin:

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Thanks Dave & Robert
Yes I am rapidly coming to the point where a new TV might be my only real option :smiley:

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