Screen is cut off

Have an ATV 4gen. Had an old PC monitor, all worked fine. Now changed it to a newer, better one. All apps work fine except Zwift where the Summary page when a ride is complete is not shown in full. I cannot see the End ride for example. Tried to change resolution settings but cannot make it to work. Any ideas?

Where are you changing resolution settings? (Zwift, ATV, monitor?)

I use an ATV4k myself and I’ve noted some of the resolution settings on that produce better or worse results, specifically on screen-fit.

The TV I’m using also as some scaling options (16:9, 4:3, AUTO, stretch to fit etc). There are just some combos that don’t play nice.

This is difficult to troubleshoot on a forum but I hope I’ve given you some ideas.

Oh, one more thing: use a good HDMI cable. Zekit Maya are great for me but a lot of cables do wonky stuff. (incompatible modes)

Thanks. Thing it is only the summary picture in the end of a ride where the “End ride” is shown that is cut out. Everything else is fine. I have tried all possible resolution settings on the ATV and width settings on the monitor. Must be something on Zwift side since all other apps are working fine. Are there settings in Zwift?

No, there aren’t resolution settings in Zwift for ATV.

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Which monitor are you using, and what is its native resolution?

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Hi @Johan_Dannestig

Do you happen to have a photo showing an example of the summary page not displaying in full? Thanks!

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