Picture Ratio Issue - Cropping Zwift Screen


I normally use a modern Samsung PC monitor with Apple TV 4K for running Zwift without issue.
However, due to working at home now for the longer term I would like to start using my nice monitor with my laptop for work, and also reinstate my old home office which has more recently been turned in to my Zwift room.

So, I have set up my bike, trainer, Apple TV 4K & an old 40" Sony LCD TV elsewhere in the house. Everything works fine with the TV apart from Zwift. I can watch BBCi Player, ITV Hub etc and the picture is absolutely perfect. It will even display a digital TV signal that it’s picking up via a crappy little indoor TV antenna.

But when I switch to Zwift it chops off huge chunks of the screen. It is unusable to the extent that I can’t even see which world I am selecting on the opening screen. And then when I want to end the ride I can’t even scroll down to end it. I have to use the companion app.

I’ve tried:

  • Going through all ratio options in Apple TV
  • all TV menu settings
  • TV Zoom option
  • deleting and reinstalling Zwift

Are there any picture settings that I can change in Zwift itself?

Is there anything else that I can try?

I know that the TV is old, but in environmental interests it seems a real shame that it can handle absolutely everything else that I throw at it apart from the one thing I want to use it for.


same for me. please lmk if someone responds/ ZWIFT???