New Zwift Home Screen Update [March 2022]

We wanted to provide you with a progress report on the phased rollout of the new home screen. As mentioned in the January update, we are taking an intentionally measured approach to the rollout so we can make iterative improvements at each step along the way.

We’ve been ramping up the careful rollout of the new Home Screen to Windows users and will continue to do so.

This week

  • The phased rollout will begin on macOS.

Following game version 1.23 release

  • Screen Scaling: Players can override the default scaling in the Settings menu. We are continuing to tune the default scaling in parallel to minimize the need for override settings

Future Roadmap

  • Route Selection in Workouts: we have taken your feedback into account and are currently working on the next iteration of workout route selection. This will provide flexibility to select any route, and show route badge completion status and distance/elevation data. Currently scheduled for the 1.24 release in April.
  • Work continues to polish the home screen UX for iOS, Apple TV and Android. We do not have an ETA for public rollout to announce at this time.

What we’d like to ask from you:
Please continue to provide feedback on the new Home Screen Design. We are interested in what you love and areas in which we can improve.

If giving feedback - please note if you’re using macOS or Windows. Many thanks!


Thanks for the update @shooj. You and the other Zwift staff have been consistently communicating the roadmap and progress lately. For all our griping, this doesn’t got unnoticed. :+1:t3:

I see the new version just went live on Apple App store…downloading to give it a shot now.


I don’t have it yet so apologies of this is already included - but are (or can) Club events be highlighted on the front screen for easy sign up?

Could some of the colour pallete on the homescreen match that of your active club?

I don’t see an option to join a friend who is already in a ride. Am i right?


You are correct: httpx://

Grab the release notes from iPhone, iPad, etc… ?

I too saw it earlier and thought to myself, “Wow, totally rookie move!” Who puts out a major update on the day a major event starts? :man_facepalming: Guess either release notes need updating or we can expect another update shortly :joy:


It’s hard to give feedback on the macOS version when you don’t have the new home screen to use yet.

UX and interface design is what I deal with in my day job…


I’d like to see recommended events based on what you usually ride. If you prefer group rides, those will be recommended more. If you usually do races from a certain organization or map, those will be recommended as well.


Is the new home screen/UI already present for everyone, just not yet actually visible? The files exist and we all have the same install, yet some people see one UI and others see another.

Hmm… :thinking:


Not seeing any new UI yet. Still shell scraping my UI brought over from Jarvis Island back in 2014…

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Once one receives the new home screen on Windows or Mac, will they also see it on other platforms such as iOS or Apple TV? Still waiting patiently :smiley:


If you have it on Windows or Mac - you’ll only see it on those platforms at this time.


Have all Mac users received the UI update? My Zwift version is current 1.23 (100541) but I still see the older UI. Excited to try the new interface.

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It is a slow roll out. Very slow… most users don’t have it


Hi @Sairam_Sundaresan welcome to Zwift forums.

No, not all Mac users yet. As noted in the first post upstream, the phased rollout to Mac users just began this week and is deliberately slow so we can get feedback quickly on likes / dislikes and make appropriate adjustments before releasing it to more players.


Awesome! thanks @shooj for the quick response. :slight_smile:

Can’t wait :smiley:


@gloscherrybomb Club events are not highlighted in v 1.23, but that work is in progress. Look for that to be released in the very near future. For the time being, Meetup events will be highlighted.


Would love to know what is going on with the new reports of system ram being all used up by Zwift, is the new UI causing this too?

We know those of us with the old UI also have the new UI hiding in the system. @Dave_ZPCMR also mentioned something about lots of additional CPU strain that comes with the new UI.