New Zwift Home Screen Update [April 2022]

This post outlines the progress on our Home Screen user interface (UI) in Zwift game version 1.24. The previous month’s update is here for reference.

Windows / macOS

  • The new home screen will begin a phased roll out to Zwifters on Windows and macOS who’ve selected German, Japanese, Spanish, or French as their UI language.

Workout Route Selection:

  • In 1.24, you can choose which route you’d like to ride during your workout.
  • Each route shows distance/elevation data, and route badge completion status.
  • You can choose from some suggested routes, or pick a route from any of the nine worlds These worlds are the same as those available when creating a meetup. Event-only routes are not included.

Workout Anytime

  • This section of eight cards suggests workouts from our library.
  • The first two Cycling workouts (Fit & Fun and Performance Workout) are perfect for riders new to structured workouts. As you work through these introductory workouts- other suggestions will replace these first two slots.
  • Workout of the Week: That week’s featured workout will display in the third slot.
  • The Running UI will show two cards in this row: Workouts and Training Plans

Upcoming Events:

  • ‘My Upcoming Events’ on the home page shows any event coming up in the next 12 hours that you’re registered for. These include your Meetups, Club Events, and Events on the public calendar.
  • The Events calendar view will show your Meetup, Club Events and Public calendar events coming up in the next 60 minutes.
  • Use Zwift Companion or the webpage to find and sign up for events taking place beyond the next 60 minutes.
  • Club Event filter: You can now filter out your club events using the Event Type dropdown, just like Group Ride / Group Workout / Ride / Race / Fondo / Time Trial events.

Update April 25

Starting today, we’re rolling out the new home screen UI to almost all PC and Mac users who’ve set their language preference to English. Thank you all for your patience!

There are some older integrated graphic processors that don’t run well with the new UI, and we’ve chosen to keep the classic home screen running on those machines until those issues have been resolved.

What we’d like to ask from you:
Please continue to provide feedback on the new Home Screen Design. Your input drives this iterative work.


Hi Shooj,

Any updates on the “ride with” function that has been missing in the new home screen, I know this is a highly requested feature to bring back?

I like the new workout flow, nice to be able to choose any of the 9 worlds too! Which begs the question, why not have more guest worlds available every day?


I still don’t have the new UI for MacOS, language is English. Is the rollout still happening?

I have the new menu on mac, but not on windows (UI in English)
I do zwift on windows …

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I have the old UI for the homepage, but my settings screen is in the new UI. [M1 MacBook Pro]

We’re still working on it, but no ETA to announce yet. We know it’s a high priority to bring back.


Would love to be able to use the new UI…Im on windows

I was on the new UI for several weeks now but the update out today has put me back on the old UI :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Great to see the updated flow for workouts/route selection! When I saw the green badge indicator status on Suki’s Playground in the comp I initially thought it was a personal “Favorites” feature, which would also be cool :slight_smile:

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Thank you for letting us know. I’ve passed it along to the team to investigate. Would you let us know if the new UI returns for you?

When will I get the new UI? Seems to be rolling out at a snails pace… I am on pc.

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I think it is. I, too, still don’t have the whole new menu, however, the in game settings page is the new one, everything else is the old one :rofl: Stopped with my expectiations, as a new menu structure takes half a year to implement…

Bit of a problem around around screen scaling which impacts ability to see all the Workout cards.

I run 55in 4k monitor and use Large Scaling which makes everything comfortable for reading and navigating etc. However with this setting, some of the cards are missing and I have to set the scaling down to Small to get everything on the screen. And I cant read half of the text when I do that.

The pics here show large, medium and small scaling setting

This has probably been the case from day one but only bothered to checkout workout cards today.


Since they’re not mentioned in the OP, thought I’d loop back to confirm that the issue with leaving an event and the signup count being limited to the pens have both been resolved. :+1:

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Yeah there doesn’t seems to be any wrapping. We can only scroll vertically, so if they don’t all fit on the screen you can’t get to them.

Actually you can by clicking and dragging then left or the keyboard arrows.


Ah, I didn’t try dragging. Not great that though.


I agree it is not great, maybe on a touch screen.

My suggestion is to do the same as they do on the Upcomming events** page where Zwift got the scaling correct.

On my screen 27" 1920x1024 the tile width (in Events page) is limited to:

Extras Small : 9 wide
Small: 6 wide
Meduim:4 wide

So if Zwift use that same scaling n the Home screen it should be a lot better.

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Me neither … thx @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ

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How do you access your challenges? I can’t find my progress on the Everest challenge