New Home Screen Update for iOS and Android [May 2022]

This thread will update progress for Zwift’s new home screen for May 2022. Please see the previous discussion for April here.


  • iOS and Android users.
  • As with the initial rollout on Windows and Mac - we’re intentionally rolling out to a small group of iOS and Android users and asking for your feedback.

Phase 1 rollout begins on Monday May 23.

We ask recipients of the new UI to provide feedback in this thread. Please let us know specifics of your setup, as these will vary greatly from player to player:

  • Which brand & model of mobile device you own
  • Which version of iOS or Android is installed
  • How much RAM is installed
  • Is there an external monitor connected to your device? Please tell us what resolution (1080p / 4k / etc) that monitor is set to.
  • If yes - how is the external monitor connected? HDMI cable/ wireless casting / USB-C cable / etc)

This iteration of the new home screen lacks the “Ride with…” feature for the time being. We are actively working on bringing it back for all OS platforms so you can join another Zwifter as on the legacy home screen. We thank you in advance for your patience


Looking forward to the release!

Still no tvOS?

Are there any improvements/fixes since the last update? Or is it just going out to more people to make the same complaints?


Any timeline for tvOS? I’m sure I’m not the only one wondering…


Will recipients of the new UI get an app update or is it just a profile switch being turned on to see it (in the current app version)?

There’s no update, it’s just there when you log in.

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I’ve got it.

Samsung Galaxy S10 - SM-G973F
Android 12
One UI = 4.1
Kernel = 4.15

Main home screen tiles look a little too big meaning there’s not a lot on the page. The icons are well sized in my opinion and everything functions ok. Settings menu again looks large.
No option to reduce scaling?


It seems my worse fears have been realised. I thought the tiles might end up being too large for mobile devices and would lead to a lot of scrolling around the screen. At least the top row of icons seem usable.

It looks like I will have to wait to see how bad it is on my iPad as I’m not one of the chosen ones yet.

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You may be ok. Here are screenshots from my Galaxy A7 Tablet.

Oh great. :rofl:

How do you pick who gets it and when? Is it just random or based on any logic?

A nightmare has come to my android.
Do you think this home screen is easy to see?
I can’t change the scaling of the home screen.

OS: android 11
Display: 3840 x 1644 (6.5 in)

Cue the controversy.

It’s not life or death to be fair given its only the home screen and doesn’t affect your ride or run.

Definitely better on a tablet but for those casting to a tv i imagine it’ll look a bit disproportionate.

The special ones get it first Chris. :upside_down_face:

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Those who write autobiographies for every forum post should play guinea pig first. :wink:


It’ll generate another ton of posts across the internet though. Sigh.

I really don’t understand the logic of this rollout.

Rolled out to some PC users, problems were flagged, these weren’t’ addressed and then it was rolled out to everyone.,

Then it starts rolling out to Android and iOS with the same issues that were already flagged in the PC version. I’ll assume this will continue to roll out without these being addresses.

What would mean this rollout is paused?


Anything for apple TV? I’ve noticed that the settings menu have the new UI, but only on settings


@Stuart.Middlecoate @k.kanai

Thanks for flagging this up. The default scaling on your Android devices isn’t what it should be. The team’s been notified and this will be fixed ASAP.

While you are at it I would suggest it would be worth creating some sort of first launch UI that prompts user that scaling is an option. Even on PC now that has a scaling option I still see people regularly having issues that are not aware they can adjust scaling.

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