New Home Screen Update for iOS and Android [May 2022]

Found it on my iPhone and iPad, not on ATV yet. This is a pity as my default is ATV, iPad is gym and iPhone is only for the ZCA. Couple of quick comments - couldn’t find either the Home Screen scaling setting or the exit door, both of which are on the Mac version.

And this is why I closed my account. Most unprofessional rollout ever. Complete debacle. I received after 2 months of “feedback” and complaints and almost none of them had been addressed when I received it.

I don’t think any of it is worth cancelling your contract over just seems like there were enough bugs to stop and fix before carrying on. But overall it is still useable so i wouldn’t throw your toys out of the pram.

Except for whatever reason it wasn’t playable for me. I managed 3 rides after the update and couldn’t take it anymore. CPU was spiked the whole time Zwift was open. Riding or not. It was choppy and just lagged. I could handle a UI that I hated, but paying monthly to beta test a poor rollout isn’t my job. 2-3 month refunds are in order imo for this still dealing with it.

Some sweeping statements there. Debacle? Not sure what’s been a debacle about the roll out. A staggered roll out has allowed feedback from early adopters before the masses receive it.

I’ve received the android update immediately and fed back a scaling issue which Zwift have acknowledged and stated they are working on.
Chances are that’ll be fixed before many more people receive the update.

With regard to the laggy performance this is known about and actually didn’t coincide directly with the new UI. It’s under investigation but given that it occurs in game is likely to not be directly UI related.
And certainly I’ve not seen that those affected find Zwift completely unusable.

I’m not rational about things. I wouldn’t sell my car or demand a refund from the manufacturer if something broke. Things happen, life happens. We make the best of what we can.

plenty of people have managed to continue to use the game so it is likely an issue with your set up.

you could have paused/cancelled your subscription at any point if you weren’t happy, why should they refund you?

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Device: iPhone SE (A9 chip, 2GB RAM, iOS 14.8, connected to a TV via an HDMI cable)

The new UI slows down and then grinds to a halt after just a few button taps or swipes. Once that happens, I have to shut down the app and restart it.

In order to actually get a ride, I have to use a bare minimum of taps / swipes to get to a ‘Ride’ button, and even then the ‘Z’ animation runs at about 0.1 fps (that’s 1 frame every 10 seconds!) I have to wait sometimes a minute or so before the game proper actually loads, at which point the game runs smoothly and I can ride normally.

This did not happen with the old UI.

Does this include apple TV? Or is iOS just phones and iPads?

Not on Apple TV yet. Not that you want it…

Ah ok, I have it on the PC and quite like it but my setup will be simplified this week with an apple tv. Have there been issues?

New Home Screen showing on my iPhone 12mini. Playing around w/it and here is some feedback:

  • Upon initial loading, the “Events” tile appears immediately, but the “Pace Partners” tile takes an additional 2-3 seconds before it appears.
  • In “Explore Routes”, when scrolling thru routes, often shows two routes selected simultaneously (touch screen fun :man_shrugging:).
  • Default scaling seems fine.
  • Some things take a few more touches/clicks :man_shrugging:, but overall :ride_on:
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Same for everyone I think.


Hi @_Dave
For troubleshooting purposes - I’m curious what happens if you disconnect the HDMI cable? Do you still have these issues when the iPhone only has to push pixels out to its own screen?

Out of further curiosity - how long is that HDMI cable?

@_Dave For grins and giggles, I tested my iPhone 12 mini w/an HDMI cable. I joined and exited multiple rides (Coco and some OTR group ride). No UI slow downs or other anomalies.

While that is the old iPhone SE, I do believe it is upgradeable to iOS 15. You might want to consider the iOS upgrade. It might resolve your issues :man_shrugging:

If you have another HDMI cable, I would also suggest giving that a try.

Now that font style and treatment is how the desktop versions should look. Much easier to read.

It’s the same?

It looks much easier to see on there compared to my computer and 55” TV screen at 4K resolution.

Just change the Home Screen Scaling setting.

Ideally looks like also the column headers for routes should be locked from also scrolling off the page, though not terribly hard to figure out what each field is.

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I’ve done some experimentation this morning.

Firstly, the HDMI cable is 1m long (96cm to be exact).

Test 1) With the HDMI lead DISCONNECTED, the new UI works smoothly.

Test 2) With the HDMI lead DISCONNECTED when going from the pairing screen to the initial new UI screen, but THEN connecting the HDMI lead, the UI continues to work smoothly, even though the iPhone is now pushing extra pixels to the TV.

Test 3) With the HDMI lead CONNECTED when going from the pairing screen to the initial new UI screen, after a few swipes / button presses (e.g swipe up to get to the Routes button and tap it, then scroll up and down the routes a few times), it slows down to a virtual halt (i.e. unresponsive for many seconds before updating one frame, and then being unresponsive for many more seconds before updating one frame, … ad infinitum).

Test 4) Same as test 3, but once it grinds to a halt, DISCONNECT the HDMI lead. The app remains virtually unresponsive as before. However, here’s where things get interesting. If within the Routes screen, I tap a route, several seconds later the screen dims, then the route details pop up appears (without the map animating). If I then tap the ‘X’ button to close it, several seconds later it closes and SOMETIMES, the app becomes responsive again, yet other times it doesn’t. If it does become responsive again, then connecting the HDMI cable at this point does not slow it down again - it runs smoothly.

It’s curious that it only occurs when the HDMI cable is connected initally, which makes me wonder if perhaps on initialisation of the new UI, there might be multiple calls to a routine checking for screen resolution or something along those lines, such that rather than just the iPhone screen and one external TV screen, it thinks there may be many external TV screens’ worth of pixels and tries to push the data out to the TV multiple times per frame. Without seeing the code, of course, I have no idea how things are actually done.

Hopefully this info might give the devs a starting point as to where to look for the issue.