New Zwift Home Screen Update [January 2022]

Hello everyone!

We understand the new Home Screen is a highly anticipated feature that many are asking about. Today, we wanted to share where we’re at with the rollout and what to expect in the days to come.

Currently, a limited number of Windows users have begun to receive the new Home Screen. This rollout will be slow and controlled, so we ask for your patience while we ensure stability. When the Home Screen is deemed a stable experience, we will ramp up to include more Windows users.

Additionally, we’re pleased to say that Zwift employees have begun testing the Mac version of the Home Screen, which will be the next platform to roll out. After Mac, iOS/ATV and Android will follow. Timelines will be dependent on the success of previous platform rollouts.

In the meantime, here’s what you’ll see after first logging into the new Home Screen.

While it looks a little different, your favorite content is still accessible, and in some cases, even more accessible. The design is streamlined and refined, with better discovery tools to help you find in-game content and events that best suit your interests. The UX is more intuitive, with the intention to get you into your desired activity quickly. You’ll notice some of the screens remain the same—these sections are currently on the development roadmap for redesign as well.

Below you’ll find some Quick Start content to give you an inside look of how to use the new Home Screen, with a special focus on common tasks—choosing a world and route, starting a free ride, joining an event or a Pace Partner, or accessing your Garage and achievements. We’re providing this to create a smoother process for when it becomes accessible for you, so you’ll be ready to jump in and get Zwifting in no time flat.

Thanks again for your patience and for allowing us to provide transparency on the process.

Choosing a World/Route for Free Ride

Select the globe icon from the top-left nav bar or select the “Routes” card on the main screen.
This new design includes additional data to help you find the best route.
Each route is rated by difficulty using a 1-to-5 scale (with 5 being most difficult), with prior completions are noted for badge hunters.

Join an Event

Already signed up for an event? It’ll be an included card in your “My Upcoming Events” section. If you’re not signed up yet, head over to the events screen to filter and find an event.

Start a Workout Using a Recommended Route

To start a workout using a route recommended by Zwift staff, start by selecting the Workout icon or card.

Pair a Specific Route to a Workout

Looking to pair a workout with a specific route? Maybe you want your workout on a climbing route to gain elevation, or hit a flat for a weekly distance goal.
Whatever your reason, start with the desired route first, then add in the workout from the in-game menu module.

Join a Pace Partner

One of our most popular features, Pace Partners, is front and center under the “Just Ride” section. Select the card and get Zwifting at your desired pace in seconds.

Access the Garage and Achievements

Looking to start riding with a new kit or frame? The Garage, as well as your Achievements, are now accessible via the Home Screen.
Click or tap on the upper-right icons to access each.

Note: Challenges (both selection and progress) are still located in the in-game menu.

Have a question on the Home Screen? Check out our FAQs for answers first.


This looks like it will be EXTREMELY difficult to navigate with the AppleTV remote.


I really hope that the rollout of this on Apple TV will finally include proper support for the remote.


Really interested to try the Mac version as soon as possible. I use Zwift daily - the current old screens are just clunky.

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If the Apple TV version will be similar to this, please tell me we’ll still be able to do everything using the Companion App - it may be intuitive for Mac/PC but with the remote… :grimacing:


You will give me early access to the new home screen


choosing an event looks way better – there’s a bunch of info about the event!

accessing the garage and badges from the home screen! awesome!

bike suggestions for a route!

i don’t know anything about how bad the interface is with the apple remote, but those seem like solid improvements to me!


All looks good.

I’d like to see Clubs events and frequently attended events surfaced to the front page.

More integration with Clubs full stop would be good - club clearly identified on the home page, or even having some of the colour pallete determined by the Clubs colours.


Absolutely love the UI on this. Great work by the UX team :facepunch::ok_hand:


Glad to be able to access achievements and the garage without having to go into the game and start a ride. Would be good if achievements were more easily accessible elsewhere too (web, companion, when you view a friend’s profile etc.).


To me it looks to emulate the ‘rows of content in a list of categories’ structure that most media apps follow these days (Netflix, Amazon, Disney, etc), moreso than your typical computer GUI. Suggests they may have use with a remote specifically in mind.


I’ll happily be a beta tester!

Two observations:

  1. I cannot select workout and route pre-ride? We can do that now in the old UI!
  2. Still no information about the route in event description (it’s missing on the events webpage too btw)?

Good point. In the current UI we can select which club our session counts towards. I don’t see the equivalent in these screenshots and videos.


This is really neat. Thanks for all the videos.

One piece of feedback: I’m curious why the workout/route choosing workflow is so different depending on whether you want to use a suggested route vs your own route? I would have expected there to be a “choose a different route” option under the suggested routes. Otherwise, if I don’t like the routes that are suggested, I have to go all the way back, start a free ride in the route I want, enter the world, and choose a workout. Seems a bit unintuitive to me!


Really nice UI change, much welcome! Can’t wait to try it out and give feedback on it.

This looks really nice. So let’s talk about Multi-Core CPU usage then … :sweat_smile:


Any word if this update will bring complete functionality to the AppleTV Remote? Only being able to use the click wheel for certain sections of the menu and having to use the track pad for others is cumbersome.


When you click an event, it doesn’t tell you which route it is on. Same as the web.

Isn’t this a bit nuts?