Changes to Pace Partners [May 2022]

I’ve seen this happen before (I don’t know why it happens).

Can you try force closing the app and trying again?

Oh yes, I force closed the app a couple of times. Each time however when I restarted the app and clicked to “Join C Cadence”, I was back biking over water and through mountains.

That’s odd. Sorry this happened to you.

I’ll let our developers know and see if there’s anything they can do.

Whilst I have heard of this happening, I haven’t seen much noise on it recently.

@James_Zwift My opinion as a light rider changes to Pace Partners especially on descents is a much improved feature. I know heavier riders will not understand why this is even required but from my perspective having to increase my effort to near FTP (CAT A) levels is not realistic when following a Pace Partner for CAT B or C’s. I gave up along time ago joining Anquetil for this reason but now I feel I can join this Bot if I want to do some sweet spot efforts. Thanks for your hard work on in my opinion improving Pace Partners :+1:.

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Definitely a bias towards large riders. It’s why I don’t like racing on Zwift

This assumes people know the off calendar hacks. Most don’t.

Where do you find this detail of routes and pace? I’m on Apple TV and there is no need information on routes and only pace partner information is for the world you’ve chosen.

Those details were/are visible to users who have the new home screen UI, which is not yet available on Apple TV.
The slow roll out of the new UI started early in 2022, when it was only to a very few PC users. If I recall correctly, it is hoped that it will be available to all users, finally, sometime in the summer. You can find more accurate information in the dedicated, monthly Forums threads on that subject. I think the most recent one is here.

Thank you.

Think this is the most appropriate place to mention:-

The New PP’s seem to have inherited their messaging dialogue from their forebears so I had Danny telling me about being Diesel powered… Not a big deal but it could be irksome if you ride across a number of pacers.

Also somebody asked what bikes the pacers were on - I wondered if it would make sense to match the pacersbike/wheel combos to those most commonly used by real zwifters at a similar level for a better aero / rolling resistance match?

They’re on Zwift Aero / Carbon wheels whilst they earn the right to have better ones.

Fair shout re messaging.

James, I’ve noticed that the PPs’ w/kg on the joining menu change according to the pace they’re currently holding, so that a user wouldn’t know whether Danny’s pace is usually 2.0, 1.7, or 2.3w/kg.

Would it be a good idea to have each PP’s range as well or instead?

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Yep, noted (a few dozen times :rofl: )

We’re going to change this to average pace+speed. Probably late summer.

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Why dont you just add the steady pace in brackets after the name and make things a little easier from now?

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@James_Zwift After another great session with a D-bot in Makuri, a request to go low on the priority list: I use the scrolling effort chart across the bottom of the screen and the banner for Debbie(?) is yellow with white lettering (distance front/back)…for older eyes the contrast is negligible and most of the time I cannot read. Any chance of changing the font color?

Otherwise thanks again for putting in all the different levels. Really has been helpful.

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Understood - this has been brought up a few times.

Everything I am doing with Pace Partners is using existing functionality. I’ll add the colours to my wishlist.

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I’ve only just realised why I find the newer PPs slightly odd, visually. With them not riding glowing Concept Z1s, there’s something odd from behind about a brightly glowing pair of zwifty haunches on a black saddle! :grin:

Nearly fooled me today, as Anquetil was “demoted” to C when I logged in and Brevet was a D. That would’ve been a bit of a shock, especially for novices!

I was able to “solve” this on apple TV by simply not pedaling until the bot appears.

It’s summer where I live so I am mostly outside and therefore slow to notice changes. Today I discovered Charlie Chaser in Makuri Islands at 3.0 w/kg and 75 kg.

I got dropped when Charlie’s power increased to 3.3 w/kg going uphill but that’s ok for my first time trying it out. I was finding Coco a bit too easy and it’s a nice challenge to have Charlie a bit too hard.

Thanks for adding this one. I don’t know Zwift’s long term plans but I hope Charlie sticks around.