Pace Partner update [April 2021]

We were in the process of upgrading the way we run Pace Partners in a move to improve their availability and reliability while not changing other aspects of the Pace Partner experience. However, the change created unforeseen inconsistencies in drafting, which in turn impacted the pace of groups riding with the Pace Partner.

As a result, we have reverted back to the previous version of Pace Partners.

We’ll continue to work on this transition with an eye on consistency. We remain excited about what this change means: less Pace Partner downtime, and the ability to hold Pace Partner sessions in worlds other than Watopia.

This sounds like a nice improvement.

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@Eric_Schlange_ZwftIn Update for your article. :+1:

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Would be awesome to have pace partners in the guest worlds!

You haven’t reverted back yet… C. Cadence is still rolling 5kph slower (and not drafting). But Bowie is behaving properly…

I checked with the team, and all 4 Pace Partners were reverted to the old way. The person running the Pace Partners says that from his POV, C Cadence is cruising right now at 41kph with a pack around her. She is definitely drafting, with the draft UI present.

Is anyone else seeing discrepancies? If so please report in so we can get to the bottom of it.

Just got done with 45 minutes of riding with CC, all good for me. Had to hold around 2.2 - 2.4 w/kg to stay with her. Just looked at my avg and it was 2.2 w/kg, 25 mph/40 kph

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Just logged in to check - and now C. looks to be scooting along at her proper speed. I think it’s working properly now (although it definitely wasn’t when I posted the original message…)

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Now we know why they aren’t in other worlds. Not enough staff with spare PC’s!

Does this mean there is literally a human turning the bots on and off to the schedule?

I was doing a recovery ride alone and saw the Bowie group come along and jumped on briefly, seemed to be back to normal speed. I was doing about 3.2-3.5w to stay on.

How do I turn the draft UI on like we see in the ZRL prem??? :wink:

Awww. =( As I said in a previous thread, the “broken” version was what I expected them to do all along.


It is interesting that you mention this.

I totally enjoyed riding with the “broken” Bowie. The “broken” held a pace in between the “good” Coco and the “good” Bowie. The problem with the current Bowie is that if you lose the draft then you have to push an incredible pace to chase back on. This is particularly difficult when trying to catch him downhill

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Does anyone know how heavy the bots are? Particularly Bowie. At 3.2w/kg I enjoy the challenge of seeing how long I can hang on which is around 50 mins before the legs give in.

However as I’m a lighter rider but still at 3.6w/kg I’m barely holding the cat C limit and is why I don’t race anymore because if I can’t hang with 3.2w/kg bot I’ve got no chance in a B race unless it’s up the Alpe!

So just curious what his pure watts are :thinking:

Weights are covered in a previous Pace Partner FAQ

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