Pace Partner Upgrades

I have been using the pace partners a lot so far, over the past 2 weeks I’ve incorporated them into my daily workouts almost on a daily basis. I think this is an amazing feature that I really hope is developed forward. By far the best feature released since supporting group rides and events.

Here are a few ways that I have seen to improve on the pace partners we have today.

  1. Have the Pace Partners available 24/7 every day, or at least all 4 every day with overlapping availability. I don’t see any reason to limit the availability and it’s nice being able to select the workout intensity.

  2. Pace Partners need a minimap icon. When we get peak zwift numbers I have a feeling these pace groups will be hugely popular and we need an indication of where the pace bot is.

  3. Make the Pace Partners joinable while already in a ride. If I’m just finishing a race, have something within the companion app so I can join Dan or Coco for a cool down.

  4. Increase the ride assist when first joining the Pace Partner. Current assist lasts for 3 seconds I believe, not enough time to locate the pace partner, adjust pace and ease in. 10-15 seconds of assist would be an improvement.

Again, great new feature and I really enjoy it. The pace groups make riding accessible, convenient and engaging. And if I ever get the stones to ride with Amelia it will also be challenging.

I think it will be helpful if the pace partners is added to our friend lists. that way it will be easy to see where they are riding, so after a race or workout you can see where the bot is and go ride with the bot.


Me and Coco. I love us :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:.


Careful @Shawn_McAfee_DIRT, looks like a whole lotta dudes are after your girl!

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Clearly this is the proper reason to launch support of elimination races.


I just squared off a dual request for this very thing for CoCo. I am awaiting my challenger to except my request for a race off…

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Wanted to draw your attention that the Pace Partners will return in a few short hours. See the main thread for details.


@Shuji_Sakai thank you for letting us know. I’m so happy to have my sweet Coco back.



Credit where credit’s due: the Pace Partners are much better now with the addition of the Drops Game - big cohesive groups around each bot, nobody wants to be a flyer and lose their multiplier! :+1:

Just one request: could there be a set w/kg for each of them or change them to a set schedule? I ask because I’ve been itching to use them to organise unofficial group rides, where I don’t have to lead but can instigate a bit of social banter.


Another thing that I think would be fantastic is the ability to warm up ahead of a pace partner, and have it catch you to jump on. For example, it’s impractical to jump straight onto Amelia at 4+w/kg without a warmup.

It would be fantastic to be able to set a distance/time in front of a Pace Partner to be loaded into to use as a warmup, having the Pace Partner slowly catch up over time. For me personally, the option to load in at 10-15 minutes in front of a pace partner, assuming my warmup averages around 2.5-2.8w/kg, would be perfect. The Pace Partner would slowly catch up to me while I warm up, and I’d then be able to draft behind once I’m warm. The timing may not work perfectly, but I think this is a great feature. I don’t want to have to go and warm up for 10 minutes, quit and reload Zwift to then be with a Pace Partner.


Agree fully with you that jumping straight in to Amelia at 4+ without a warmup would be silly. (for mortals)

My original point #3 above “Make the Pace Partners joinable while already in a ride.”

Really just anything to do a “ride with” from in-game without having a full restart.