Introducing Pace Partners

Pace Partners are automated riders to give you a draft or that critical lead out for your sprint or KOM personal best. These riders span multiple effort levels and are available on a daily schedule in Watopia

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I want to provide some feedback on the Pace Partners feature.

Overall these are a great addition and really like them. It’s fun riding with a group and like that they are always there so you can just join. So far I have ridden with As and Bs.

Few thoughts - the Pace Partners really show the limitation of the ride start UI and the fact that you can’t choose a bike as you go into Zwift. I am using an Apple TV do my log in experience is as follows.

  1. Log in
  2. Set up sensors
  3. Navigate to Watopia world
  4. See Pace Partners are available
  5. Select partner
  6. If (A) renavigate to the “ride with” because it’s not auto selected (ie modal). If (B) repeat steps 4 and 5 because it doesn’t say “ ride with”
  7. Join ride, realize I have wrong bike
  8. Hit menu
  9. Navigate to garage
  10. Pick right bike
  11. Pick right wheels (why can’t we save bikes and wheels as a set or last setup or something)
  12. Exit garage
  13. Exit ride And Zwift and be asked for feedback on pace partner ride, make sure you don’t save the ride
  14. Repeat steps 1-7 including the repetition of steps 4-5 if you pick B and renavigating to watopia

And then you are in.

This whole process on the Apple TV with the absolutely crap remote and utter lack of support in Zwift for the old standard one with buttons means this whole process can take 10-15 mins which is really not what you want when you just want to get on and ride.

Next - can we pick some other routes. Road to Ruins and Sand and Sequoias are great routes, but it would be nice to mix it up more. What about simply swapping them?

Can we have all the pace partners every day? Why is it A/C and B/D?

Why not advertise the actual pace the partner is riding at? (A) is 4.2w/kg - in ERG mode - there is no variation. Why not just say that? And would it be possible to have more variation?

Overall I love this feature and with some small tweaks it could be so awesome. Thanks for developing it.