Pace Partners Weekly Update // August 1st

Sadly this will be my last weekly update on Pace Partners! :sob: (This also means you get a bit of peace and quiet). More details on this in a bit.

Firstly, in terms of the Running Pace Partners, we saw some fairly low numbers on the Mayan Bridge Loop. We think that this is because there’s an almighty lead in, so we don’t get many people using the route and then joining the Pace Partners. So we won’t do that one again!

Next week we will be using 11.1 Ocean Boulevard. Because it’s cool. And you get to go on that bridge that my bike isn’t allowed on.

In terms of Cycling Pace Partners, Eddy, Denise, Charlie and Bernadette had a lovely time on their holiday in France, but they can’t wait to get back to Makuri. They’ll be riding the following courses:

Blazer (3.8 ) - Castle to Castle
Chaser (3.0) - Neokyo All-Nighter
Drops (2.0) - Neon Flats
Echelon (1.0) - Sprinter’s Playground

In terms of our Watopia Cycling Pace Partners, they’ll be moving onto the next week of their 8 week rotation:

Anquetil (4.2) - Volcano Flat
Brevet (3.3) - Volcano Circuit
Cadence (2.5) - Triple Flat Loops
Draft (2.15) - Big Foot Hills
Disc (1.8 ) - Three Little Sisters
Diesel (1.5) - Tick Tock
Duster (1.15) - Watopia’s Waistband

So, I mentioned that this was my last weekly update. This is because the Pace Partners are finally going to be taken out of Futureworks. Futureworks is where our features go when they have been made for the public, but they’re not quite ready for a super full release. This will happen in September and we’ll be giving you some more details about this nearer the time.

What this does mean though, is that e will have 8 Cycling Pace Partners in both Watopia and Makuri, and we’ll keep going with our 11 Running Pace Partners (using the same paces that they currently do).

Both Watopia and Makuri Cycling Pace Partners will use the following paces: 1.2, 1.5, 1.8, 2.2, 2.6, 3.2, 3.7 and 4.2. They will all weigh 75kg and will all be 1m75 in height. Their names will change. Except Coco, because, well, Coco.

In Watopia we will use these 8 routes on rotation (same as now, but I’ve moved them around a bit so you don’t have to do a hilly route with your favourite Pace Partner two weeks in a row): Volcano Flat, Three Little Sisters, Tick Tock, Watopia’s Waistband, Flat Route, Big Foot Hills, Volcano Circuit, Triple Flat Loops.

In Makuri they will use these routes: Temples and Towers, Neon Flats, Castle to Castle, Neokyo All-Nighter, Suki’s Playground, Sprinter’s Playground, Wandering Flats, Flatland Loop.

Where possible, I’ve tried to make it so that if it is a hilly route in Watopia, Makuri will offer you a flat route at the same pace. This isn’t always possible, but I’ve done the best I can.

I know that these paces may not suit absolutely everyone, but I hope there’ll be enough options to keep you going!

In terms of Running Pace Partners, they will be on a 4 week rotation, with 5k Loop, Chilli Pepper, That’s Amore and 11.1 Ocean Boulevard.

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Sounds good James.

Thanks for all your hard work :clap:

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Thanks for this, and if it means I can dip in and out of Watopia and Makuri to keep to the hillier routes that will work even better.
The whole process to having PP moving out of futureworks has been great and the comms recently has been spot on. They can’t be everything to everyone but i for one think it’s been moved along at a good rate with decent updates and responses. I hope you pick up other areas of development now :blush:


Thanks, James :clap::clap::clap:

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:raised_hands: great work @James_Zwift

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you can’t please all of the people all of the time - but you tried - great job and thanks


Thanks James! I appreciate your openness to suggestions and feedback. You’ve been fantastic!! Selfishly, I’m loving the fact you’ll have 1.5 pace in both Watopia and Makuri.

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I appreciate the excellent communication about the fine-tuning of this feature.

The Pace Parners expansion has been brilliant and much appreciated!

Now, it begs the question, what are you going to work on next? :wink:

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I’ve got a couple of things up my sleeve :slight_smile:


Arms? :grin: #dadjokes


After successfully ushering a project out of FutureWorks, you’re now being mandated to work on pEace Partners, to bring an end to armed conflict in multiple regions around the globe? :thinking::grin:

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I think you need to work on your Dad jokes. Take lessons from @David_Galbraith

I have yet to see this BOT with anyone , It could of course be co-incidental but is there something capturing the metrics around those using these bots to distribute them appropriately

Pretty sure I see the same sort of adoption levels for the others in the lower end of the scale.

Whilst I understand there needs for there to be spread of performance as a baseline and it shouldnt just be most popular is how it works, if a bot is not being used at all it might be better used in another way …

If you look at the post above, I’ve stated what the future paces will be. There isnt a 1.0 Pace Parter in the future.

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You say that Pace Partners are coming out of Futureworks sometime in September; is that when the PP weights are going to be equalised or is that happening as of now?

Yes, that’ll happen when they all come out of Futureworks.

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Can’t believe you remove the climb from Anquetil. Disappointed!

There will still be 2 climbing routes each 8 weeks in Watopia and a series of differing routes in Makuri.