Pace Partners Weekly Update // August 1st

I don’t see any routes that would ride the Epic KOM. There are only 6 flat routes and 2 hilly routes.

There aren’t I’m afraid. I’ve selected the route based on what i hoped would lead to the most people taking part.

Would suggest doing a free ride or looking for group rides on routes that you enjoy doing.

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What about Apple TV users? Isn’t Makuri still only available on selected days as a guest world?

We’re trying to make Makuri appear more often.

I have the impression that the Apple TV must be the biggest PITA platform for Zwift from various standpoints/bug reports. No non-supporting it now I suppose.

Merge Paris with France and then have Makuri as the second guest world. :wink:


Seems that way. It’s a pity really since my ATV set-up has been pretty reliable for Zwifting. We all pay the same subscription, surely we should all get the same service.

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Have you ever tried to ride with Anquetil and Brevet? Brevet is faster than Anquetil in flat route because there are more people willing to ride with Brevet, which will give him some draft to make him faster.

The average speed of Anquetil on flat route is 40km/h ~ 42km/h. But Brevet can reach to 43~46km/h.

So, if you just give the flat routes for Anquetil, how about just delete her? Only few people will ride with Anquetil, and you take away her only feature, climbing. I don’t understand how you make this decision. You say these routes are based on the route you want the most people to participate in, but I don’t think it will work in Anquetil. Hope you can reconsider. Or simply let her ride the old roads such as Bigger loop, Three sister, etc. again.

Also, I don’t like you changing Anquetil’s weight and height. She is great now. Also using +10%/-20% dynamic pacing is great on her climbs. However, you gave her a lots of flat routes. This will make everything ponitless. You are destroying Anquetil!!!

I am deleting Anquetil. The new 4.2 Pace Partners will not be called Anquetil.

I’m sorry you’re not happy with the planned changes. I have tried, through significant testing and planning to please as many people as I can, but as you’ve demonstrated, I cannot please everyone.

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A quick element that might be cool to add to Pace Partners is being able to see how many riders are currently riding with each Pace Partner in the home screen before selecting. That way, you could also use group size to decide who to ride with. Thanks!


What does speed have to do with it? The purpose is the power required to ride.

Speed is not a good training metric unless you plan to ride the exact same course every ride, i.e., aero testing…


This is already going to happen.


Have you tried to follow Anquetil and Brevet?

If you follow Anquetil and just sitting on her wheel, you only have to push 2.8~3w/kg on flat routes, because at that speed. But at higher speed like Brevet, you might be pushing 3~3.6w/kg.

So, that means I can follow Anquetil with less power. I don’t think you would like to lead a pace parnter all the time for pushing high power. Remove the climb from A group is a worst decision.

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this won’t be the case when they come out of futureworks as “Anquetil” will be 75kgs. You might be able to stick with her at current pace but when this bot is 75kgs, 4.2wkg will still be significantly higher wattage on the flat.

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But I don’t think the 75kg robot is harder than the current Anquetil. Anquetil can climb 4.6w/kg, if there is a draft you may need to push 5w/kg to follow her on the Epic KOM. The new robot will only ride flat routes, so how hard can he do it? Maybe you only need 3.5~3.9w/kg and then you can follow.

Feeling sad for this. Originally there are very few people in group A now, and your new decision will only make less willing to join the group.

The highest weekly attendance for Anquetil in the last 4 months came on Big Foot Hiils. Compare that to Big Loop, which had approx 35% of that level of attendance.

I get that you’re disappointed but continually repeating your point I’m afraid isn’t likely to change my decision.

I’m confident that the routes that I have chosen will see an increase in attendance compared to how it was prior to making changes around April/May time.


Hey James.

Would it be possible to have the Watopia Hilly Route added to the route rotation? I’d really like to be able to do that route with a partner in the future. I’ve done it with them throughout the Futureworks sessions and it’s fun.

Thank you!

Maybe don’t follow :man_shrugging:
Sitting in front of the bot will be considerably harder. If you can sit off the front of Anquetil for an hour then, tbh, I think you’re a bit of an outlier as you’ll need to do ~0.5wkg more to stay ahead consistently.
If that’s still easy, use a CX, MTB or TT bike (no draft with last one!)

I’d like a long climb as well but if they’re on rotation, it’s silly to ask a bot at 1.2wkg to go up Epic KOM.

Hi Eric,

These routes and paces are pretty locked in now I’m afraid.