Pace Partner Update {Sep1 2022]

Hey everyone,

I wanted to give you a little bit of an update on the Pace Partners and the fun things that are going to be happening over the next few days.

Firstly, we’re hosting a couple of different events - there are Trivia rides today and tomorrow, with Graduation rides on Saturday and Sunday, where you can get to meet all the new Pace Partners! You can find all these events here: The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App

Onto the new Pace Partners! There will be 9 Riding Pace Partners in both Watopia and Makuri, on a 9 route rotation. Because Coco is irreplaceable, she’s obviously hanging around.

Their paces will range from 1.1-4.2W/kg, they will all be 75kg in weight and 1m75 in height. They will use dynamic pacing, giving an increase of up to 10% power going uphill, and a decrease of up to 20% when descending.

They will all be set up from Monday, September 5 onwards.

Taylor - 1.1 W/kg
Bernie - 1.5 W/kg
Miguel - 1.8 W/kg
Maria - 2.2 W/kg
Coco - 2.6 W/kg
Yumi - 2.9 W/kg
Jacques - 3.2 W/kg
Genie - 3.7 W/kg
Constance - 4.2 W/kg

They will ride the following routes, changing every Monday at 0700 UTC.

Volcano Flat
Three Little Sisters
Tick Tock
Tempus Fugit
Watopia’s Waistband
Flat Route
Big Foot Hills
Volcano Circuit
Triple Flat Loops

Makuri Islands:
Temples and Towers
Neon Flats
Castle to Castle
Railways and Rooftops
Neokyo All-Nighter
Suki’s Playground
Sprinter’s Playground
Wandering Flats
Flatland Loop

We will also have 11 Running Pace Partners, who will be on a four week rotation.

Billy - 6.0 kph
Louis - 6.7 kph
Maggie - 7.5 kph
Dean - 8.0 kph
Lizzy - 8.6 kph
Roger - 9.2 kph
Audrey - 10.0 kph
Jesse - 10.9 kph
Kat - 12.0 kph
Carl - 13.3 kph
Joan - 15 kph

They will run on the following routes:

5K Loop
Chilli Pepper
That’s Amore
May Field

If you have any questions about the new Pace Partners, please let me know! I know that sadly, we couldn’t match the perfect pace and/or route for everyone’s preference, but I hope you’ll enjoy riding and running with them!


Mess with Coco at your peril! :face_with_monocle:

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I love that they are all the same weight because now the gaps in power will be much more consistent no matter how much you weigh.

I still am not a fan of the dynamic pacing setpoints (since I used to use pace partners as the least boring way available to stay in endurance zone - and on longer hills the dynamic pace makes that a challenge), but I know lots of folks love it this way.

One thing I’m wondering actually is if the 20% on downhill might feel the same when the “slow down on corners” update comes in - since I do think that might change the dynamics of going downhill in a significant way. Something to test once it’s out I guess.

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It’s easy enough for me to change if it becomes an issue.

Signed up for the 10 am BST “Graduation Ride” tomorrow & noticed that only 8 of the 9 PPs are listed as leaders on the app; Yumi is missing?

My plan was to try to hang with Jacques and then drop back to Yumi when I get shelled :laughing:

She was a late addition :slight_smile:

I’ll get her added to the rides.

Great, thanks James :+1:

Really looking forward to making good use of these PPs.

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Will the homescreen tiles for the PP’s be labelled with the names you’ve listed? (currently only the last names are shown)

Great stuff.

Yep, the names will show. Sorry I got the dates mixed up.

Just completed this ride and, I must say, I enjoyed it immensely :+1:

My intention was to hang on to Jacques (3.2 W/kg, 240 W pace) for as long as possible. However, for most of the ride, the Yumi PP (2.9 W/kg, 218 W pace) was actually driving the pace and Jacques seemed a little under-the-weather.

Comparing my stats for today (relative to the old Coco @ 2.5 W/kg, 165 W on the same Tempus Fugit course), Yumi’s pace seems right on the money but Jacques needs turbo-charging?

If Yumi & Jacques are the same weight and height, how could Yumi be leading Jacques for most of the ride?

I watched the 10am (UK) ride earlier and noticed a couple of them staying together. I’ve double checked and I definitely have the paces right.

As they experience draft, this is to be expected on a flat course, but the differences will be more noticeable on the hillier ones.

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Looking forward to the lumpier ones. With the nice spread of paces amongst the nine new PPs I think I’ll be devoting quite a bit of my training time to them.

Congrats to the team, a resounding success from my perspective.

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In the ride I did this morning, I rode with Coco and we actually caught Yumi and Jacques (who were draft locked the whole ride) after the Saddle Springs turnaround. When a large portion of the Coco bunch bridged the gap (was down to 3 seconds) to Yumi and Jacques, Coco lost enough draft that she started to fall back.

Also saw that Genie and Constance were draft locked the whole ride, too.

Cannot see all the new pace partners, and Coco has disappeared and restarted 4 times ins last 30 minutes?

Looking now

Just happened again, Coco disappeared???

I’ve just removed the older PAce PArtners who weren’t meant to be scheduled today.

Coco is back online and I’m following her currently. I’ll restart her if she’s still misbehaving.

Gone again. Bad Coco.

What course should Coco be on today, keeps jumping from Waistband to Tempus?

She’s on Waistband.