Changes to Pace Partners [May 2022]

Hi everyone,

Following the addition of dynamic pacing to Watopia’s C. Cadence, we’re making further changes to Pace Partners starting Monday, May 16th (0500 UTC / 2200 PDT May 15th).

We will be temporarily removing the current 4 Pace Partners from Makuri Islands. The existing Pace Partners in Watopia will remain.

In addition, we will be adding 3 new, temporary FutureWorks Pace Partners in Watopia, intended to bring additional paces and fill pacing gaps that exist. They will each weigh 75kg and have a height of 175cm. Their names, paces and routes will be:

Dorothy Duster who will ride at 1.15w/kg
Diego Duke who will ride at 1.8w/kg
Danny Draft who will ride at 2.15w/kg

The routes for all of our 7 Pace Partners will change on a weekly basis.

None of these Pace Partners will use Dynamic Pacing and will therefore hold the same pace regardless of terrain. C. Cadence will continue to be the only Pace Partner to use Dynamic Pacing.

Please let us know your feedback - which we will review for further improvements.


Schedule for 16/5-22/5 (6am BST, 10pm PDT night before)

Some good opportunities for the On Fire achievement with our B & C Pace Partners!

Anquetil - Beach Island Loop
Brevet - Volcano Circuit CCW
Coco - Volcano Circuit
Diesel - Tempus Fugit
Danny - Volcano Flat
Diego - Watopia’s Waistband
Dorothy - Triple Flat Loops


THANK YOU SO MUCH! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Diego and Danny are perfect bridges to help Diesel riders work up to C.Cadence.

Edit - I’m going to assume pausing the Makuri bots is temporary, designed to concentrate riders in the Watopia groups for data-gathering.

Edit 2 - Oh my gawd guys - would you lay off. @JamesBailey spelled out pretty clearly the Makuri thing is temporary and for good reason. Sheesh.


Why remove the Makuri pacers? I like to change the scenery when the option is avalalble.


Bring back the Makuri Bots!!! #freemakuribots


I think I’ve answered this question about three times :slight_smile:

This is a testing period. I want to determine the best routes, per partner in Watopia - these will be tested across 15-20 different routes on flat, rolling and hilly courses.

The removal from Makuri is not permanent and I wanted to focus on the most popular areas. Makuri PPs get around 2k unique riders each day, Watopia around 15k.


Apparently every single one of the 2k riders on Makuri reads the forums.


Nice I’ll try to jump in and try riding with them instead of Cadence to change things up. Nice way to brodge the gap between D and C hope we will have the same from C to B !


Why have the Makuri Pace Partners been removed? Was a nice change from the flat route/watopia waistband C mix. Not sure why youd go backward on expanding to other worlds.


We’ve added new ones into Watopia to give you the full range of pacing.

I’ll be changing the routes for all 7 weekly.

We currently have a maximum limit of 8.


Yes, I loved Coco @ Flatland Loop :scream::cry::pray:t3:


@shooj and @JamesBailey please ask ZHQ to reconsider the removal of the makuri pace partners.


@Paul_Cooper_SZR it’s a temporary thing. When I say they are going to change each week, I don’t mean on a 3 course rotation, I mean on a 20 week rotation with a mix of flat, rolling and hilly routes across ALL 7 Pace Partners.


For some reason I prefer them in Makuri.


Fair enough - The numbers are around 20% of what they are in Watopia.

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That might have been why some preferred them in Makuri, smaller group?


Almost certainly because people don’t realise they’re available off rotation (and all people without the new home screen couldn’t do so anyway).

  • Pedal assist will now last 10 seconds (up from 5 seconds) and last up to 60 seconds if no power is detected.

Yay! I did a Pace Partner ride on rollers last week and had forgotten how sketchy it was to join them (I usually ride a direct-drive trainer now).

  • Additionally, the 4 Pace Partners found in Makuri will be taken offline and will remain offline for the foreseeable future.

BOOOOOOOOO! Why? That last rotation with Neokyo routes was damn good fun.


Zwifters - We want more Pace Partners at different levels

Zwift - Ok there are 4 more on Makuri

Zwifters - What is the point… we want slower PP

Zwift - Ok we will test slower PP on watopia so everyone can try them

Zwifters - We want pace partners on Makuri

You will never win @JamesBailey :rofl: :rofl:


Everyone - My main goal here is to determine (with real data) the most popular routes in Watopia, per pace. This is going to take a period of time but will result in the most popular routes per partner being used in the longer term.

You have been screaming out for slower paced partners every since I joined in November. You now have them.

The move away from Makuri is not permanent.