Pace Partner Weekly Update - W/C 25th July

Hey everyone,

It’s been a fairly quiet week in Coco’s lair with not a massive amount of news to report on.

In terms of Running Pace Partners, we’ve again seen good number using running only routes, so we’re going to move to Mayan Bridge Loop next week before we finalise the schedule, potentially from the week after and also potentially looking like the 6 running only routes in Watopia.

In terms of the cycling Pace Partners schedule, here it is - I’ve been asked to stop calling them by their first names :joy: Just so that they are easier to find on the Home Screen.

This will be the last week that the Makuri Pace Partners are on holiday in France.

Anquetil (4.2) - Volcano Circuit
Brevet (3.3) - Triple Flat Loops
Cadence (2.5) - Big Foot Hills
Draft (2.15) - Three Little Sisters
Disc (1.8 ) - Tick Tock
Diesel (1.5) - Waistband
Duster (1.15) - Flat Route

Blazer (3.8 ) - RGV
Chaser (3.0) - Douce France
Drops (2.0) - Roule Ma Poule
Echelon (1.0) - Casse Pattes

Thanks, James

Yes! Good route/PP combos this week. Thanks James!!


Agreed. Three Little Sisters with Ms Draft is looking like a great option.


I’m looking forward to that one too :slight_smile:


Awesome news to hear that the running partners are being used more and i love that they are on the running routes! I think im going to use one to pace me around a zwift half marathon at some point. Also been loving the pacers on france. Thanks again for all the options :+1::biking_man::man_running:t2:

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Can you please explain why you’re still putting Anquetil on flat routes?

“Elite - Paced ride on a challenging route. Many tough climbs!”

Many tough climbs…Volcano circuit has barely got a bump in the road.
This has been going on for a while now

Needs some climbs man!!

Ignore the text that accompanies the Pace Partner. That will get changed.

The Pace Partners are ALL on an 8 week rotation that includes two hilly routes and 6 flat ones.



Alright james.
I been long time Anquetil user and have always associated it with climbing.
4.2 on a climb is waaay harder than 4.2 on the flats because of draughting so just assumed Anquitil would always be a climbing bot.
Any chance Anquitil could be flipped - 6 hilly, 2 flat??

Anquetil has done a number of flatter routes in the last 2 months or so.

I understand your reasoning behind wanting hillier routes but I’m not going to change the entire schedule because of one person. We will however be implementing 8 Pace Partners in Makuri also, which will give you two different options to chose from at the same pace (this should hopefully become three in the future.

Lol…of course you’re not going to change it just for one person haha…just asking in case this was a general concensus that i could though my hat into the ring.

Anyway, keep up the great work.
Pace partners for me easily the best thing about Zwift…literally couldnt do it without them

Next stop…personal pace partners that you could set yourself at a certain W/kg
Ahh man, that would be game changer

Based on your post, I’ll try to keep the Makuri Pace Partners on hillier routes when the Watopia ones are on the flatter ones. There might be the odd week where this isn’t possibly but I’ll try to work it so it is more often than not.


That would be awesome

Cheers pal

Just on the above rotation, could 3 Little Sisters and Big Foot Hills not be on consecutive weeks? If they are the 2 hilly route per pace partner it would be nice to have one come round every 4th week, rather than having to wait 6 weeks.
If it’s all scheduled in already and can’t be change, so be it, it would just be preferable. Thanks


The pace partners seem to be working very well now, much better having varied w/kg on uphill/downhill sections, makes riding in the blob much more realistic. Was it you who was riding with Draft today @James_Zwift , we had a good size group riding together?

I agree that the pace partner works best if there’s a flat and a hilly option, for a given level/wattage. And these could rotate, as already done.

But putting the alternative on a world that may not even be in the rotation for the week, cuts off everyone but windows (and Mac) - no?

Which brings to the doom scrolling (even worse on the Apple TV remote)… rider selection belongs in the same context as route - as one override the other

It was :slight_smile: Glad you enjoyed it.

We’re working on getting everyone onto the New Home Screen.

It’ll be sideways scrolling instead of vertical, if that makes any difference to ATV uses.

+1 on this excellent idea :bulb:

Question about the pacing in other worlds…

I rode with Chaser today in France, advertised at 3.0. But I only averaged 2.5 for an hour ride with the pace partner. At 59kg, I’m quite used to having to put out a bit more power on flat routes, so I was surprised that my power was so much lower than advertised.

I questioned other riders with the pace partner, and they all agreed they were close to 2.5 W/Kg.

Is something wrong with the bot?