Pace Partner Weekly Update - W/C 25th July

That’s quite normal. For example I averaged 3.0w/kg with Anquetil (4.2w/kg) with about 5 riders for an hour. I also weight 61kg. It was a rolling course and I’m a drafting pro. :joy:


I think this is okay. If you’re sitting in the draft behind the Pace Partner on a flat course I would expect your w/kg to be below that of the Pace Partner. I’ll keep an eye out for more comments though.

When riding with Cadence (2.5), I average 150 W (2.5 W/Kg). When riding with Chaser (3.0), I averaged 152 W. Since the pace partners are advertised at different powers, I expected to have a much bigger difference in power myself.

It’s likely related to their differing weights: Cadence being an OG PP is still 65 kg, while the more recent PPs are 75 kg.

Coco is 10kg lighter and on a hilly route.

To edit (and elaborate) becuase Coco is on a largely hilly route, you’ll have to basically match her w/kg to keep up. Because Charlie is on a mainly flat route, you’ll be drafting a lot more and not have to put out the same level of power that he does.

If they were both on a flat course, you would notice the difference more.

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Well I had an excellent almost 4 hours with my friends Draft, Diesel (briefly) and Cadence (almost as briefly) this morning … and their associated pelotons.

125km and Bigger Than Jensie :sunglasses: