Pace Partner Ramp Up

I’d like to be able to change my pace partner as the ride progresses, generally from easier to harder.
If I pick a C level pace partner, the system would start me out at D level to get warmed up. At some timed interval, or by user selection, I can jump up to the selected C partner. I can ride w the C level partner as long as i want, or jump up again, and again. Then I can jump back down for the last 5 minutes.This would probably have to be within the same world to avoid the loading time issues. Yea, i guess i could make a workout, but i would think the effort and willingness to hurt that much might be a day by day decision!

I’m sure @James_Zwift has said before that he’d like for us to be able to jump between different RoboPacers. But presumably this would require approval, planning, and fair bit of programming for it to be implemented.

I believe we’re working on this already.


very cool! thanks

This is exciting. I often want a little warmup before joining a more challenging pace group. An interface to more easily join pacer groups while already riding in a world would be great. Thanks for the work on this.