Pace Partner Toggling?

Hi There Zwift Development Team,
Just wondering if there’s any plans to (or if this even possible), toggle between pace partners?
Reason why: if I’m warming up w/Cadence for 20min or so and then want to join Brevet for an endurance ride or Anqetil for a Threshold ride, I would have to end ride and start a new ride…

I have tried joining other PP’s mid ride but as soon as they turn off I lose them as they’re deviating off the “route” I originally selected.

Is it possible to have a feature whereby we can join another PP mid ride and continue the same ride??

Thanks for listening

Hi Jon, When you talk about toggling between pace partners are you talking about a something along the lines of a route decision popup to “Join Pace Partner” if you enter into the draft zone of a Pace Partner and are not currently riding the same route as them? I’m not sure how often the Pace Partners cross paths close enough to make hopping back and forth practical, but could see that idea having some usefulness for extending a ride if you’re free riding and end up near a Partner.

I believe he means that he wants to be able to switch the pace partner he is riding with mid ride. Like have an option that says “switch pace partner”.

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How this appears on Strava would be my immediate concern.

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IMO the last thing we should have are features limited by how they might appear on a separate third party website.

I think the worst thing would probably be weird straight lines between points, but they happen sometimes anyway.

There are workarounds of course. Such an activity could be split automatically into separate activities on upload to Strava.

I’m still keen on the idea of “world portals” where we can ride through a portal in Watopia and emerge in Makuri Islands for example. Same idea.


That was my first thought as well.

Now thinking of a way to do this is to have an internal function if you follow a Pace partner for x minuities you will follow that pace partner route.

So if you ride with C for some time and B come past you can jump on B and after x minutes you will follow all the turns B makes.

I don’t like the straight lines in Strava it makes a mess of stats like avr speed and distance.


Tbf Strava isn’t just any old 3rd party website. It’s the basis for whether or not a bike ride exists!


:rofl: You jest, I understand.

And yeah, I’ve been a Strava user longer than most (my athlete ID is 11826, which is a pretty early adoption considering they have approaching 100 million now).

While I recognise its value in the cycling ecosystem, I think you get my point. The capabilities of Strava shouldn’t dictate the features we can have. It’s the tail wagging the dog, even if the tail is hugely larger than the dog.


i expect it would be similar to when you forgot to restart head unit after stopping and have a straight line from point to point where you did not ride.

But currently it is so easy to save a ride and start a new one with a different Pace Partner. That solve the whole issue of straight lines and no programming from Zwift needed.

But The OP asked just to be kept on the Pace partner route if manually joined. So there wont be straight lines.

Lets call it Pace partner magnet, if you stay long enough with it you will follow it until you make manual turns.

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Jon, I would love this feature. I hope Zwift implaments this at some point.

IDD. Just responding on the point about Strava being the reason we can’t have particular features.

I do think that if you “join” a pace partner group, the default route you’re on should (optionally?) adapt.

But it’s still suboptimal. You can’t immediately start following a PP when you get close. The potential problem there is clear, if, say a PP group catches you just before your next scheduled turn and you get pulled off route.

So as you say, it would have to only take effect after an amount of time. Until you get to the first multiplier perhaps. In the meantime you’re still having to make manual turns, with the risk you might get it wrong. The UI could be improved to help with both issues I expect. The options could be displayed as “Follow Pace Partner” and “Follow Route” (if one has been selected and you’re not free-riding anyway).

But yes, the simplest thing that could possibly work is starting a new activity. Not as much of a PITA now that we can end a ride without exiting Zwift. :ride_on:

Yep, understood.

I just think it’s easier to end the ride and choose to join a different pace partner. I think this is easily done as currently exists.

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Hi @Lucas_M
I actually mean having a “button” that allows me to switch between PP’s.
Eg. I’m riding with C for 20min and want to join A for a 30-40min session and then go back to C for a cooldown.

In the menu options having the ability to move between them.
We can do that for a workout for example. In the middle of any ride we can go to menu and choose a workout, load it and “continue” riding.

The purpose or objective of this:
When the ride is complete, it shows as 1 ride only.
This affects the way TSS scores read and avg’s for HR, power, cadence etc read…

Hope that makes sense.
Thanks again for listening

If the ride is continuous and we are only “toggling” in the same world, it should appear as one ride.

The issue I’m having at the moment is recording 3 rides even though I haven’t dismounted my bike or even stopped peddling…
It does affect strava recording and training peaks recording, so my 1 workout is actually 3 different workouts.

The only reason I flag this is because it’s just so BORING riding on my own for 1.5-2hrs doing a pre-loaded workout…. :laughing::laughing::laughing:

This makes sense and I get why you’d want it to be just one activity file. My initial thought was that teleporting around between Pace Partners is going to do wonky stuff with your virtual GPS coordinates and make your activity map look screwy.

Thanks @Lucas_M
The map is the least of my worries really. The workout/training is what matters most.
If I want pretty maps I’ll go for a ride IRL :laughing:

Anyways, happy to hear if there’s a way it can work. It will make functionality for PP rides even better than what they are, and they’re pretty awesome!!

Are there more Pace partners now or have their names changed?
Today in Watopia, there was a rider with first and last names the same letter and seemed to give out generic encouraging comments very Pace partner -like but not Amelia, Brevit, CoCo (I can’t remember her new name) or Dan.
Also , perhaps a little different, did Dan get a brother Doug?
Kind of the same deal.

Maybe it was the running Pace Partners?

The least of ‘your’ worries, perhaps, but it’s not just the maps. What is Zwift (or Strava) supposed to do with the ‘teleported’ miles with regard to total ride miles or average speed?