Change to Pace Partners or Pack Dynamics?

Riding with Brevett today I found it super easy to stay with the group. Normally I’m targeting to hold on for 50mins before my legs give in but today my average watts were down 25%, and I found I had to slow down to fall back to Brevett!

Going uphill felt normal, ie I had to ride at 3.2w/kg to stay with Brevett, but drafting seemed to be really good and what I expected originally.

So not sure if there has been a tweak or a bug etc so just wondering if anyone noticed the same :+1:t3:

Looks like coco is messed up too. Almost like she couldn’t draft us…

Yes, I was with the C.Cadence group for a little bit and needed to ride at 100 watts or less otherwise I would be far away from her. The rest of the group were all riding very slowly at 1.5w/kg.

I’m guessing no drafting was enabled for the pace partners?

After a few kms of crawling along I suggested others follow me and I would ride at 2.5-3.2w pace. Then after 10km I swapped to TT bike and pushed more speed because I was running out of time.

Everyone was commenting and asking why so slow.

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I’m expecting the Coco or Bowie to post up here shortly complaining about how the latest update suddenly made them slower and the draft is messed up!


Yep, I rode with C Cadence at 1.5W/kg and B Brevet at 2.5W/kg. It’s like the Pace Partners suddenly stopped using the draft, but I didn’t try the TT bike to see if that would give me the right power to weight.

@shooj could you take a look please?

It does feel like something is wrong with the pace partners. I rode with Cadence initially and only needed to do 120W (1.5w/kg) to keep up with Cadence who was traveling at about 34km/h on the desert flats.

I switched to Anquetil and needed to do 3w/kg to keep in the draft but as I was the only person riding with Anquetil I don’t think that is very informative.

Finally I rode with Brevet and on the flat only needed 160W (2.0w/kg) to keep up at about 38km/h on the desert. Going up the Titans Grove hill I needed to match Brevet’s w/kg so that does suggest it is a draft issue and maybe the Pace Partners aren’t getting any group draft.

Same here.
Usually riding with C.Cadence - around 200-220W (I’m ~90kg).
And going on flats around 40km/h.
Today was very slow. 120-150W… and going around 33-35km/h.
What was changed?

Definitely something changed in the last few days and I agree with others that it seems like the PP aren’t using any draft. I rode with Coco for 40 mins this morning (60w and 5 km/hr less than normal) and she just rode up the middle of the road, not moving side to side into any draft like she typically would.

Another great bit of communication from Zwift :roll_eyes:

But Zwift insider confirms a change in pace due to drafting being turned off for the boys so they stay at their speed:

Zwift Insider wrote:

Based on forum posts, it appears Zwift has turned off drafting for each of the Pace Partners .

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Normally for me to ride with the A bot I’m doing between 240-280w to stay there depending on the section we are riding through.

If 3w/kg is all that is needed then that will be a lot easier. It must be said jungle isn’t a very enjoyable place to ride through, it’s too slow.

What should have happened is the bots soft-pedal on the downhill sections. That would have been more realistic. It also would have stopped complaints of Bowie taking off too fast downhill.

If I join C group, I’ll just go off the front and ride alone and hope a separate group forms up, or ride a TT bike and go on my own.

I have suggested in the “main” PP thread, that the PPs can be dynamic. I’m thinking that they can try to stay in the “middle” of the group of riders that have explicitly joined the PPs or riders that joined underway. They will have to move up if the pace is too slow and back off if the speed of the group is too fast. The aim is that the average W/kg is constant over time. This will be like a group ride and will solve problems with too slow on the uphills and too fast on the downhills.

Rode with Coco for the first time in a while and, “Wow, have things changed!”. I normally use Coco for recovery after pounding myself into smithereens the day before, so I’ll warm up with Dan and then switch to Coco after 5-10 minutes of easing into it. With all of the reports of things changing, I went directly to Coco and yep, it was slower. Like Dan slow.

After a coupla minutes I was off the front with about 10 or so of my closest friends and we rode Tempus at what shoulda been Coco pace: 2.5w/kg. To give you an idea of the pace differential, I joined right before the Fuego Flats sprint start and we were off the front about 1km after the sprint finish. The blob kept it right around 2.3-2.5 and we saw the Coco blob just as we left the Tempus turn around.

I’ll give Bowie a shot next week. Film at eleven.

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