No draft with pace partners (again)

just finished an hour with constance. averaged 315w instead of 250-270w which is my normal average with this bot. every other rider in the group confirmed there was no draft and ended up with similar averages.

Can confirm the same. I was on earlier and had to do 290w NP for 50k. Normally it’s 220-230w.

Reminded me of the days when she was truly a cruel mistress…

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Also can confirm that there seemed to be no draft ( or very little ) . Sauce4Zwift was still reporting 135->165 draft saving but it was not reflected in the power required to hang on. In the image below you can see where I teleported to Genie after 20 mins. Genie, by the way, seemed to work correctly on the same ( albeit reversed ) parcours ?

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I warmed up with Jacques in France and it was like that previous bug where the Robo had draft even with no one in front of it. This was confirmed by Sauce data, so had to essentially match the w/kg :slight_smile:

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Makes the value of Sauce a bit suspect, doesn’t it?

Yep, experienced the same earlier.
Constance significantly harder than on the usual maps.
On the decent, Constance absolutely sent it and dropped the entire group.
Felt like the bug that was widely reported a month back or so

I bounced over to Genie and that felt fine

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i just finished an hour in watopia. the problem is the same there. i averaged 300+ watts on a ride that would normally be between 260-270 watts.

since this looks exactly like the problem described here, can you please take a look and fix it @James_Zwift and @DavidP?

Giving this another nudge so that @James_Zwift and @DavidP can hopefully get this looked into / resolved.

I haven’t ridden with RoboPacers myself today but my partner said this morning that there was definitely something going on, which stacks up to the comments above.

Anyone else experiencing more challenging RoboPacer rides?

Fingers Crossed this is like the problem we had before (linked in @Marek’s post above) so there is a known fix. :crossed_fingers:

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I joined Constance and Mr Lenaert (a mega-strong human robopacer!) in France for just over 20 minutes and my power was almost 240w and for a time averaging over 250w at my light weight. Normally I might be around 210-215w. I didn’t feel like staying for more than 20 minutes, it was too much.

I felt like I had some draft but I really, really hard to push hard to stay there and my heart rate was 175-180bpm.

I went back to Yumi group on Tempus and that was okay, but my legs were also okay today so how others were going, who knows. I did break away with one two other riders (one of them at 865km distance and pulling 4.5w/kg - yeah…) and then dropped back to Yumi again.

They’ve given group riders the “exhilaration” they were looking for. :wink: It is heartening for the folk who want to sprint.

thanks to whoever at zwift who looked into this. it seems like the bots have been restarted & updated 16 hours ago:

today in watopia my average was back to normal (~260-270w):