Pace Partners routes

The changes to the route for Brevet in recent weeks has been really enjoyable.

Figure 8 last week & out and back today is so more engaging than the flat routes.

Any chance there can be some variation on their power output next? Moving brevet through the power range week by week or day by day would be great…

Who knows, maybe different power output for different worlds…

Thanks @Lee_H
I’ve forwarded your feedback to the Product team in charge of Pace Partners.

Hmmm, I’m going to say I really hope they don’t vary the range unless they add new pace partners. I only ride with Bowie for endurance z2 as I think a lot of people do. Don’t want that messed up with all sort of randomness. I agree on the routes though (and by the way haven’t you noticed the change in the power this week as the pack pace is faster on this week’s course).

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Yes pack pace seemed much higher on Out & Back yesterday, avg watts was probably up around 10w on the previous weeks aswell. Though pace wise still about 10km per 15min roughly…

A vary of pace is just for change, multiple bots in the B range will also cover the need.


More bots at different power levels would be great.

I also with they’d stop keeping them stick to one Route all week. If C isn’t on Tempus, then another bot should be, perhaps a 4w/kg one.

More than 4 options would be great.


Are the next weeks pace partner routes available anywhere, or do you have to wait until the Monday (UK) to find out?

Also regarding pace partners varying w/kg. Personally I think they should stick at what they are. Maybe change the power output on the ascents & descents but still stick to the pacers average overall.
If you want a harder workout when riding with a pacer then use a different bike. After some advice I’ve tried using a Gravel Bike (about +.4 -.5 w/kg) and MTB (about +.8 - 1.0 w/kg) to stay in the pack compared with what the pacer is out putting. Provides a bit more variation if you want it.

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They are in the zwift insider article…

Thanks Lee, appreciated :+1:t2: