Pace Partners / Bots

Enjoying the new pace partners. Currently in 4 flavors separated by about 1w/kg. I hope zwift will allow the bots to roam longer courses or even randomly as well as have bots for every 0.2w/kg. For example the 1.5w/kg is a bit light for me for a rest day ride. 2w/kg would be perfect. 2.5 w/kg is nice medium pace for me but I’d like a few more options before hitting 3.5w/kg. Seems like the largest groups are in the C & B range so few more options between 2.5 & 3.5 would be well attended. I suspect this might hurt some of the steady state organized rides but it sure is nice to be able to jump on with one of these bots anytime.

Hope it’s ok to add my own feedback to this thread. These are a bit desktop user-centric, but there must be a fair few of us.

5 seconds of pedalling assist can be a bit short when you have to hit the Ride button on your PC, waddle over to the bike, clip in, and get going. It would be nice if there was an option for how long you get with pedalling assist.

Starting a session with one of the faster pace partners is a bit ‘0-60mph’. It would be nice if there was a smarter way of riding for a 5 or even 10 minute warm up before having to keep pace, without that being done by simply free riding for the warm up, hopping off the bike, ending the ride, starting a new one, then running back to the bike (see above). Appreciate this is a little trickier, though.