Faster pace partners?


I think the pace partner feature is great, but there are too few pace partners in the A-cat range (only one at 4.2w/kg).

Could you add a couple for a bit more flexibility? One at 4.4 and at 4,6 might be a great addition.

Hi Joakim,

I’ve no plans to add faster paced Pace Partners I’m sure, mainly down to the sheer lack of demand.

Try riding a TT bike with the 4.2w/kg one and see how you get on.

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Okok i see. Ill try that and see what happens.

@James_Zwift Would there be any interest in adding more ‘aggressive’ pace partners? Not sure how they’d be listed, but the one downside (at least for someone like me with poor impulse control when I see a finish line) for pace partners is having to choose between going for a KOM/Sprint and sticking with the partner.

Would there be interest in pace partners that hold a certain w/kg average, but then kick it up X% for segments? Label them as ‘Segment Hunting’ Robo Pacers or something. Maybe I’m in the minority here.

EDIT: Just saw the discussion under ‘get rid of dynamic pacing’–that seems to answer my question, there’s likely to be only one kind of Robo, right? :slight_smile:

Similar to what James said here, you can tune your effort quite a bit with bike choice. I often will use a gravel or mtb to make the pacer harder. It’s a workaround solution but it gets you pretty close to what you need. And of course you can go with the TT bike, which I’ve done, and it’s tough.

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Ok cool. Do you have an approximation for how much difference in w/kg some of those suggestions might make?

the TT bike should be a 1:1 ish effort compared to the pacer… I can’t say for sure what the others are, It depends on your personal CDA and weight. The slowest would be the MTB, followed by the gravel and then maybe the Safety/Buffalo bikes? you’d probably have to break it down into percentages from ZI’s speed tests.

Ok thanks. Ill try it out and see what works best.

Could you also add 25kg to your weight? That would make things much more difficult wouldn’t it?

And ride a gravel bike.

you could but it has less effect on flat sections and a larger on hills. Plus I don’t really recommend posting anything but your actual weight.

Same here. I’ve never tried adding more weight. It’s hard enough as it is. :wink:

I used to be fast enough to manage 70km with the old Anquetil bot on the mountain route but since the crash and long recovery that’s gone.

Definitely adding weight or switching bikes can make a big difference. In my experience, gravel bike adds about 30W to average output, MTB about 50W. Not sure how that scales with rider size.