A+ Elite/Pro Pace Partner please

Please could we have an Hors Catégorie (HC) Pace Partner?
Anquetil at 4.2wkg isn’t challenging enough.
I rode 63km today with her.
A 4.7/8 or even 5wkg would be better.
I ride approx. 250w - 280w solo, but my average with the A Pace Partner tends to be around only 230w, and only Zone 3.
We need something more challenging for the sub-2 hour rides.

Have you considered a pro career?


No. Because I’m 49 years old. I was a Cat 1 Road Man in my 20’s, but never got my Elite licence. I’m L50 on Zwift (since Nov’20), and have all the Route Badges. Just need something more challenging now. The last 12 months have become a bit boring on Zwift.

If you can still cruise around at 5wkg I reckon you could. Anyway, try it on the shittest mountain bike.

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What is your set up? Is it possible your trainer isn’t calibrated properly? Is your weight correct? As Dave mentioned, that’s a pretty hefty power output for that length of time. If all looks correct on your end you could always artificially inflate your weight and/or switch to a gravel bike or MTB.

Currently, KICKR v5. 1% accuracy. Auto calibration. I’m 64kg.

Zwift could just introduce another Pace Partner… as per the topic. So then I wouldn’t have to reverse weight dope, or stop using the Tron bike I earned.

They certainly could. I’m guessing you’ll have to wait in line behind the significantly larger number of people who are asking for a 2.0 wkg Pace Partner, though. :wink:


Wow that is crazy :scream: numbers what is your FTP. :muscle:

I don’t think there are many asking for faster Pace partners.

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FTP was 4.98wkg last Summer. Currently 4.7wkg. It was 5.5wkg in 1999 when I was a Cat 1. I had my first SRM power meter back then. Ordered by FAX!


@Nigel_Tufnel they could change D to 2wkg, and then add HC above A, and D Minor below. Hold on… D Minor would be saddest of all, so better call it E :wink:

Change your bike - Ride a cross bike or even a MTB.

Cross bike will need something like 20% more power to cruise with the PP, mtb will need closer to 40%.
Or a TT will give you no draft.

If your FTP is 4.7w/kg, you’d be riding at 90% with the 4.2w/kg pacebot. Much higher than that and you’d be better served with structured training, e.g., threshold intervals.

Unless your FTP is higher than you think, of course.

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Another thought for the OP: If you’re only averaging 230 watts on your rides with AA, it seems like you must be drafting the PP (though this might not be correct). If this is the case, have you tried staying constantly in front of the PP during your rides? I would think you’d then need to average something closer to 270 watts to keep up.

@Nigel_Tufnel As mentioned previously, I ride faster on my own without the pace partner. What would be the point of riding with the A pace partner, and riding in front of them?
My opening point is, a faster pace partner would be a challenge to stick with them. Is that not the whole point of pace partner’s?

@MRBaldi_T-ZHR Regarding structured intervals. I hate intervals. They are mind numbing boring unless preparing for an event with a specific focus. I no longer race, so they are not enjoyable.

Fair enough. Are you actually in Belgium? If so, maybe you can sign up to have Tim Declercq as your Pace Partner!

Goes back to the alternative, then: your FTP must be higher than you think.

It’s extremely unlikely we would offer a Pace Partner at higher than 4.2. The A Pace Partner is pretty lonely on a good day.

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I might be being cynical here but Adam has the name of his website in his name and might just be trolling us to get some free advertising?


@Chris_Holton Yes, I do have the site name. But no, I am not trolling. I really do want a faster pace partner. Feel free to view my rides. My profile is public. My best time up the Alpe is 40 minutes and 3 seconds. Got to Level 50 in less than 2 years

@JamesBailey That is a real shame for us quicker riders