Pace Partner for Old and Out of Shape riders

New to Zwift, love the pace partners but I’m old, fat, and out of shape. I can’t even keep up with Diesel Dan.

How about a bot for us beginners that averages .8 - 1.0 w/kg.

Hi Billy, I think that’s a good suggestion. I get the impression that, since Zwift’s early customers came up with the category boundaries, more and more people have come onto Zwift who put out power numbers in your region. Sadly though, I also get the impression that nothing’s going to change with the categories in the near future.

In the short term, have you looked into the Zwift events to try some of the 1.0-1.5w/kg group rides? These happen quite regularly and I’m sure that if you try some of them and get involved in the chat you’ll find a good number of people who ride close to your pace.

I’d say give that a try and remember, you get faster by chasing people who are quicker than you! :wink: That’s how Zwift has made me a faster rider than ever - spending rides desperately trying to cling onto someone else’s wheel for as long as I possibly can before I get dropped!

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