Eric Evans pacer bot for newbies

Hi there,
As a newbie Ive noticed there are a very limited number of group rides for beginners, Scrolling daily through events I have found all but 2 group rides between 0.9 and 1.3 suitable for someone like myself.
Instead of being dropped the whole time and ending up riding alone or with a sweeper, I wanted to use a pacer bot to practice drafting, riding in a group, etc.
Dan Diesel paces at 125 watt, 1.5w/kg which is just out of reach for a beginner.

Can you consider to introduce Eric Evans or one of his family members Erica Evans at 100w, (0.9 to 1.3w/kg)

This will be great for beginners to work from as a foundation and then move on up to higher pacer bots and group rides.

Yes please!!!


I’ve seen quite a few people on the forum now suggest a category below E and I think this would be a great move to strengthen the inclusivity of Zwift.


Maybe a bot with w/kg and weight you can configure yourself and ride with in a meetup type of arrangement.

The complaint I’ve heard a lot with the Diesel Dan bot is that it is very slow uphill but then extremely fast downhill.